Story 9 Months Ki 7th January 2021 Written Update: Sarang denies doing Alia’s work to help Kavya

Story 9 Months Ki 7th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rabia congratulating for Alia saying that everything is going perfect and healthy. Alia is extremely happy. She takes Rahul outside and tells him that reports are positive. Rahul gets extremely happy too and jumps in excitement. Alia says that this would have not been possible without him. Rahul says that it wasn’t easy to convince her to come to the party.

Sarang comes with juice for Alia. Rahul leaves. Alia tells Sarang that his friend’s café is very nice and she has taken important decisions in this place. She changes topic saying that they shouldn’t talk about her but him: mr Poonawala was right about him. She praises him for being able to impress a client despite being a new employee, other than being a great talent. She cheers with him saying that they will do big things together. Sarang is so happy to hear her praising him. She says that she gives credits where there should be given.

The other employees come to take Sarang and Alia to dance with them inside. “Kuch to hua hai” plays. Sarang stares at Alia who dances. Sarang starts dancing them. Rahul looks at them and says that the parents of upcoming child are together and they don’t even know. He prays to God thinking that their nine months story is in his hands now. Sarang twirls Alia and makes her fall into his arms.

On the other hand, Kamleshwari brings Kumkum to the river. There is her husband waiting for her. Kumkum is scared because someone might see them but Kamleshwari says that they are married.

The next morning is January 1st. Sarang and Alia’s different life style is shown. Alia’s IVF process starts too. Rabia warns her about the hormonal injection side effects and recommends Sunita to take care of her mood swings. Time passes. Alia keeps getting irritated because of loud music for hormonal injection side effects. Sarang keeps working with Alia too and they bond very well. Ms Sharma comes to the café too and feels happy seeing them.

After three months, Rabia tells Alia that they have to take donor’s last blood sample to make sure he is perfect. Rahul is able to make Sarang give the blood test.

One day, Sarang is at Kavya’s café and asks Ms Sharma to hold his phone since her mother is going to videocall and she wants to see him reciting poetry. He gives her the phone and introduces Kamleshwari to Ms Sharma and viceversa and then goes on the stage. Ms Sharma praises Kamleshwari giving her credits for the way Sarang is. Kamleshwari asks her how many children she has. Ms Sharma remembers her moments with child Alia and gets sad. She is Nandini, Alia’s mother. She tells Kamleshwari that she has a daughter. Sarang recites a heart touching poem about mother. Kamleshwari is touched. Nandini gets sad remembering arguments with Gautam. Kavya stares at Sarang and smiles. Everyone claps for him. Sarang returns to take his phone back from Nandini and talks with Kamleshwari. After cutting the videocall, he asks Nandini how his poetry was. Nandini loved it and says that she should make his poetry reach more people. Sarang shares with her that she is trying to publish his novel. Nandini gives him her lucky coin saying that a friend gave her this when she started from zero and wishes this helps him fulfil his dreams. Kavya comes and asks Sarang if he will come tomorrow. Sarang says yes. When he leaves, Nandini opens her book looking at child Alia’s picture. She says she misses her.

The next day, Alia has to go somewhere but Rabia tries stopping her saying that tomorrow she has to get embryo transferred into her body. Sunita asks for explanation and Rabia explains her that baby, who is just as big as a mustard seed right now, has to be transferred into Alia’s body. Alia says that she has to go to buy an important painting of a famous painter, which is difficult to get. Rabia insists to send someone who is as talented as her for this important work. Alia gives it a thought.

At the same time, Sarang is helping Kavya with some boxes and she is thankful to him. Sarang says that there is no sorry and thanks between friends. Ramesh, who is there, comments that friendship has been done so it shall be fulfilled.

Alia calls Sarang asking him to go out of Mumbai for a work btu he rejects saying that he has already given a commitment to a friend. Alia asks what commitment is more important than work. Sarang replies that a commitment given to a friend is as important as work commitment. Alia gets angry and cuts the call. She leaves the house without listening to Alia.

Later, when Sarang is picking up some boxes, Alia accidentally dashes against him. They argue as Sarang blames her for following him. Alia walks away. Kavya comes and asks if all is right. Sarang tells her that his boss got angry since he told her no to help her. Kavya hugs him since he said no to his boss for her. Alia looks at them.

Alia meets Gautam there. Gautam wants to buy painter Jatin’s painting too. Shouting of artist are heard and seems like auction has been cancelled. Alia is worried because she has promised the painting to a client. Gautam promises her to get it for her but she should drop her IVF plan. Alia says that she is no kid anymore and rejects his help. Later, she gets worried since auction seems to be getting cancelled and she also needs to go back to Mumbai on time for appointment.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia assures Rabia that she will come on time for the appointment. Later, Sarang and Alia are seen arguing and he drops her phone. She is desperate since she cannot reach Mumbai without map. Sarang says that he is there. Sarang and Alia are in the care but it breaks down. She cries because she cannot reach Mumbai on time for appointment.