Story 9 Months Ki 8th January 2021 Written Update: Alia and Sarang get stuck on the road

Story 9 Months Ki 8th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Alia thinking that she has to get the paintings for her deal which shall be successful so that she can give proper time to her baby. Jatin’s sister comes and apologizes to Alia saying that for his father selling his paintings is like a betrayal towards his talent. Sarang interferes and says that he can understand him since he is an artist like Jatin and know the worth of his own talent. Alia snaps that there is no profit in keeping the paintings and losses are obvious. Gautam comes and argues with Sarang. Kavya wants to take him away but she leaves her hand.

Sarang and Alia enter the room in which Jatin’s paintings are exposed. Alia says that this place is worth of lakhs. Sarang says that it’s priceless and recites a poetry. Jatin comes and praises the poetry. Alia says that she understands this is priceless so she is ready to give him any amount. She gives him her cheque book and asks him to fill any amount but Jatin throws it away and leaves blaming her for capitalism.

Sarang agrees with Jatin. Alia points that there is no worth of a talent if it’s kept for oneself instead of sharing it with people. Sarang makes Jatin understand the same point and suggests him to give the paintings to those who understands their worth. He promises to hang his painting in the best wall of his house.

After a while, Jatin, Alia and Sarang comes downstairs. Jatin has gifted a painting to Sarang who announces that the auction will happen. The auction takes place. Rabia calls Alia since she is getting late for the appointment that’s tomorrow.

After the auction is over, Ramesh jokes about people giving lakhs for a painting only. Sarang sees Alia carrying lots of paintings and offers help. Alia denies but Sarang insists. He drops her phone by mistake. It breaks. Alia gets frenetic since Alia must be calling her and she cannot even reach Mumbai without map. She is tensed because she will get late for the appointment. Sarang says that his phone is there and she can use it and adds that he will go with her so that he can pick up any urgent call if he gets.

Sarang informs Ramesh that he will be going with Alia whose phone has broken down because of him and recommends him to drop Kavya home. He tells Kavya that he will meet her tomorrow. They leave.

Sarang sits in car with Alia who asks him to shut up for the journey. Sarang accepts and thinks that there will be nothing wrong now. However, after a while the car stops. Sarang asks what happened. Alia is desperate since the car has broken down. She gets out and asks Sarang to call mechanic. He offers her water first but she orders him to fix the car.

Network isn’t there so Sarang is unable to call mechanic. He suggests to take lift from someone but Alia refuses to trust a stranger and grabs Sarang’s phone. She starts searching for network walking here and there without even looking. Sarang starts removing obstacles like branches from her way. She finally finds network and searches for a nearby mechanic. Sarang stares at the moon.

Alia gets mechanic and then goes to Sarang who is saying that people has ruined such a beautiful place indicating the waste scattered on the ground. He shows a coconut and says that someone must have used it in pooja and then thrown it away despite knowing that so many people are hungry in this house. He says that God makes business of emotions: people offers something in exchange of their prayers getting fulfilled.

 Alia asks him if he is making fun of her since according to him she makes business of emotions too but he says that he is just talking about people who blame God for everything. They seem agreeing for one point. They sit. Sarang asks her if she believes God exists. She asks how she can believe something she cannot see: she believes in data and facts only.

Mechanic comes and Alia is thankful to technology. Sarang says that they could have spent a great moment if technology wasn’t there. Alia says that reaching Mumbai is more important for her. Mechanic is unable to fix car. Alia thinks it’s impossible for her to reach Mumbai on time for the procedure and gets sad.

Episode ends

Precap: Rabia asks Alia to realize how lucky she is to get the donor she wanted only. Kavya wants to tell Sarang that she loves him. Rabia sees Sarang with Alia and asks her what her donor is doing in her house. Alia looks at Sarang shocked.