Story 9 Months Ki 8th January 2021 Written Update: Alia enquires about Sarang’s relation with his parents

Story 9 Months 8th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kavya asking Alia why she wants to know about Sarang’s love life. Sarang comes and says that she must be trying to learn what his inspiration is. Later, Alia and Sarang sit at the table and Alia says that she wanted to learn about him to make their coparenting work. Sarang gets happy realizing that she is taking cooperating seriously.

Alia asks him about his strength and weakness. Sarang asks why it seems like she is taking her job interview. Alia says that he is right and asks him to report to her for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that she can know more about him. She is sure she will get a clue to get him out of her life. She leaves. Sarang is happy hearing Alia talking about coparenting.

Sarang goes at the set of Mr Mehta’s movie and finally meets him after waiting for an hour. Mr Mehta says that he has lost a lifetime opportunity by rejecting his offer. Sarang asks for a chance but Mr Mehta refuses. Sarang recites a poem about cinema. Mr Mehta is impressed and says that he will give him opportunity again only if he does one work. Sarang accepts to do anything.

The next morning, Alia is feeling like vomiting. Doorbell rings and she thinks that Sunita came thankfully but it’s Sarang who reminds her that she asked him to meet her at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He has brought flowers for her but she rushes to the bathroom and vomits smelling them. Sarang rushes to make something to drink for Alia but she tells him that it’s normal for pregnant women to have morning sickness.

She makes note to tell about it to Rabia. Sarang suggests to the doctor immediately but Alia says that a lot happens to a woman during pregnancy and they cannot go to the doctor for every little thing. She finds it unfair since women have to go through so much while men get their baby on lap after nine months. She actually feels better having the drink Sarang made. Sarang says that it’s her mother’s treatment for vomit.

Kamleshwari calls Sarang who attends the call. She asks what he was doing on TV and tells him that his father got shocked seeing him on screen. Sarang asks him if she has seen Vicky donor. Kamleshwari gets excited hearing about it and asks whether he has met Ayushmann Khurana or Yami Gautam. She says that Kavya looks like Yami a little and tells Sarang that she send good morning messages to her while she replies with hearts. Their conversation is interrupted by Brij Mohan who comes to the room so Kamleshwari has to cut the call. Brij Mohan says that he will drop her to the temple.

Later, Sarang is seen driving. Alia takes out some cards and says that they will get to learn more about each other. She asks about a memorable moment. Sarang replies that it was when he heard his baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Alia makes him notice that he said “his baby” so Sarang corrects himself saying “their baby”. Alia asks about a personal memorable moment. Sarang tells her that he was awarded in childhood and had to go to Delhi but his father didn’t let him. Alia asks about his relation with his father but he prefers talking about his mother.

Like every Friday, Kamleshwari reaches the temple and is all set to go to the cinema hall from there. This time, Brij Mohan has dropped her there.

On the other hand, Sarang tells Alia that his mother gets to know everything related to him without even the need of him telling her. Alia asks him whether he has already told about the pregnancy to his mother. He says he didn’t get the opportunity yet. Alia asks if she will be happy to know about it. Sarang says that she will support him as usual but doesn’t know if she will be happy or shocked at first.

Meanwhile, Nandini meets Mr Poonawala and says that Alia needs her in such a time. Mr Poonawala says that she has always been with her, in fact the money invested in Alia’s company is hers. Nandini says that she shouldn’t ever know about it. Mr Poonawala encourages her to meet Alia.

Brij Mohan decides to go back to the temple and do aarti with Kamleshwari but he doesn’t find her there.

Later, Alia reaches his office and is shocked to find Nandini in front of herself.

Episode ends

Precap: Sarang promises Alia not to leave her hand ever in life. Brij Mohan finds Kamleshwari at the cinema.