Story 9 Months Ki 9th January 2021 Written Update: Alia breaks down in front of Sarang

Story 9 Months 8th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mr Poonawala revealing to Alia that Nandini sold her everything and invested all the money on her company. This shocks Alia.

On the other hand, Brij Mohan calls Kamleshwari and asks where she is. Kamleshwari, who is at cinema, replies that she is at the temple and asks him to cut the call. Brij knows she is lying since he is at the temple.

Alia is stunned because she always thought she made the company with her own hard work. She promises Nandini to return all the money she invested. She walks away. Sarang stops Nandini from following Alia.

Brij Mohan finds Kamleshwari at the cinema. She doesn’t realize he is there while she is enjoying the movie but gets shocked when she turns and sees him sitting next to her. He asks her to come home and leaves followed by Kamleshwari.

Alia reaches home and remembers asking Gautam to gift her the dining table of their house as marriage gift. She sits under that table. Sarang comes and sits next to her. Alia looks at the drawing she had made under the table when she was child. She cries and says that she hates her birthday because has bad memories attached to that day. She also tells him that she used to eat sweets when she used to be bullied at school: they became her sweet booster.

At the same time, Nandini meets Gautam and asks him to take care of Alia at least now that she is pregnant. Gautam says that he knows how to take care of his daughter.

Sarang says to Alia that he understands why she stays away from people and relations now. Alia regrets saying all that in front of Sarang and says she doesn’t need his sympathy. He says that he isn’t giving sympathy but forwarding a hand towards her and promising to never leave it, he wants to give her company. Alia says that she doesn’t need his company.

Nandini and Gautam argue. Nandini knows Alia isn’t happy and requests Gautam to help her since she won’t let her come near her but she will let him.

Sarang gets out from under the table and forwards a hand towards her but she gets out herself. Alia asks Sarang to go home since it got late. Sarang says yes but adds that they got to know they became parents of their child by mistake but it wasn’t a mistake: there could be no better mother for his child than her. He says he is proud that he got to meet her, thing he never thought when he was working for Madhura times, and then leaves asking her to take care of herself. Alia thinks she used to tell Sarang he is emotional but today she showed her weakness to him when he has to find her weak spot. She remembers Sarang used to work for Madhura Times.

Sarang walks towards his house and wishes he could lessen her pain. He knows she has lots of questions and wants to be the answer to all of them.

Kamleshwari and Brij Mohan return home. He bashes her and says that women who don’t care of their homes do such things. Kamleshwari says that he cannot say this because she alone handled her house and grew her three children up and she has always cooked daily. Brij says that he just cannot throw her out because otherwise he won’t get another son. Kamleshwari says that she cannot become mother and confesses she lied about Phooldevi.

Later, Param asks Alia if she is sure about replacing Mr Poonawala who is their old trustworthy share holder. Alia says she feels she doesn’t know her though. Rosy asks Alia if she is coming to Mala’s sangeet. Alia nods. Sarang offers to stay with Alia but she says that she will go home with her driver. Sarang hesitantly leaves.

Kamleshwari and Brij Mohan are in the car. Brij Mohan asks Kamleshwari to call Sarang back immediately otherwise he will file report against Sarang for running away with his money.

At the same time, Alia calls Madhura Times and asks information about Sarang.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia calls Brij Mohan offering to bring Sarang back to Madhura and asks him to promise to keep him there only.