Sudhanshu Pandey vs Gaurav Khanna: Who is your favorite ‘Anupama’ hunk!

Rajan Shahi Anupama recently witnessed a new entry as Gaurav Khanna opposite to Rupali Gangluy. To carry forward the story Gaurav as Anuj marked his entry in the show. Soon after his presence, show Anupama is fetching unbeatable ratings. Fans are also trending Gaurav Khanna as Anuj under the hastag #Anupama. Hunk is getting recognition for bringing the life to the character of Anuj. His Jodi with Rupali Ganguly aka Anupama is getting separate fan base too. Fans adoring the duo and giving extra love to the show. Well, there is no denial Gaurav’s entry in the show is breathing fresh. It is truly enjoyable to watch ‘Anupama’. Khanna is truly making female fans to go weak on their knees. Anuj is ruling audience heart. Tell us your favorite Anuj moment so far in the comment box.

Coming to Sudhanshu Pandey, actor is no less. As Vanraj masses love to hate him. His engaging performance make Anupama fans to praise his acting skills too. Sudhanshu too give tough competition to the young talent. His flawless acting makes him one of the best ITV actor. Vanraj is equally praised for bringing drama in ‘Anupama’. So tell us which Anupama hunk is your favorite.

On story front, Anupama takes the offer offered by Anuj against Vanraj and Leela. Vanraj feels complex seeing Shah’s praising Anuj. He heard Anupama praising Anuj being arm wrestling champion in college. Vanraj challenge Anuj for the arm wrestling. Anupama dislikes the competition. Anuj lose to Vanraj. Vanraj feels proud of himself.

Now in the upcoming episode, drama will be engaging with Anuj asking Anupama to accompany him to the Mumbai for an official meeting. Anupama will decide to go with Anuj against Leela and Vanraj’s wish. Hasmuk, Kinjal, Samar and Nandini will give their support to Anupama. Anupama will share that her childhood dream was to board a flight and see sea. She will get excited. Mumbai trip brings Anupama and Anuj closer, well time will only tell. What will be Vanraj and Kavya’s next move against Anupama, keep watching the show to know more!

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