Sufiyana Pyaar Ka- Dadaji to slap Saltanat!


The one who thinks about others and sacrifices their happiness often ends up burning the most. This saying is couldn’t be truer looking at Saltanat in ‘Sufiyana Pyaar Mera’. She sacrificed her own feelings and love towards Zaroon in order to make Zainab happy by settling him off with Kainat. However, she is still misunderstood and belittled by Kainat in front of everyone. In an attempt to satisfy her ego, Kainat will accuse Saltanat of trying to break her engagement with Humza. Dadaji will be very furious on Saltanat and slap Saltanat in front of everyone. Even when Saltanat is trying with all her might to unite Kainat with her love, sacrificing her own love in that process, she is returned with unreasonable hatred from Kainat.


On the other hand, despite Saltanat’s efforts Humza will get engaged to Kainat amidst of all confusions and dilemma he is facing. He finally gives in to the happiness of families and decides to go ahead with the marriage. Saltanat’s plan finally fails and Zaroon will be ecstatic about this. He will think Saltanat now can accept his proposal and declare the

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