Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 10th September 2019 written update:- Zaroon at Saltanat’s place and Kainaat’s face gets changed

The episode starts with Madhav taking Saltanat to a dark room. She asks why did he take her and Madhav says that darkness will bring her memory back soon. She tries arguing but he shuts her up. He locks the door and gets relieved that now Krish will be safe. He then gets reminded of his sister and changes his mind. He unlocks the door and asks her to leave. He keeps ordering her but Saltanat gets irked. Saltanat asks for a towel from the washroom and he gets irritated. He leaves after giving her the towel. He comes out to find Zaroon taking Krish inside the house and gets shocked. Saltanat gets a weird feeling because of his presence.

Krish takes him to meet his father and Zaroon too feels different. He gets automatically drawn towards Saltanat room while Madhav panics. Saltanat blows a feather and it reaches Zaroon. Saltanat gets slashes and feels weird once again. Zaroon with the feather starts moving to Saltanat room and Madhav thinks o ways to stop him before meeting Saltanat.

Zaroon and Saltanat feel each other’s presence and touch the door simultaneously. In the meantime, Rubina assures Kainaat that everything will be fine and Kainaat asks about Zaroon. She gets worried if Zaroon found any clue against her. The doctor arrives and Kainaat asks to phone Zaroon. Nadeem once again rebukes Zaroon for not besides Saltanat in such a condition. Zaroon is about to enter Saltanat’s room only to be stopped by Madhav’s mother and Sneha. They misunderstand him for the thief and follows him to hit him. Aroon runs away and Sneha follows him with the sandal. Krish tries to explain Sneha but she doesn’t listen to him. He leaves and Sneha throws the sandal on him but it hits Jugal. Krish complains Madhav about Sneha shooing away his friend.

Sneha apologizes Kashish and asks her to forgive her. Kainaat asks her to leave as she has to stitch her saree. Sneha gets an idea and gives Saltanat her sarees. At first, Saltanat refuses it but later accepts on Sneha’s insistence. Sneha smirks as its Madhav’s wife’s sarees and gets excited to witness the drama. Nadeem mocks Zaroon and Zaroon regrets forgetting it. He apologizes Kainaat and Kainaat asks him to let it go. She asks the doctor to remove her bandage.

Krish informs that he’s not a thief but his friend who picked him up from school as it’s off today. Madhav apologizes for not picking up the call. Krish laughs remembering the run and chase between him and Sneha. Madhav takes a promise from Krish to never call Zaroon again and he agrees.

The doctor removes Kainaat’s bandage and nurse shows the mirror. Everyone gets shocked seeing a different face instead of Saltanat’s. Kainaat says that it’s her who asked to change her face as he sees Kainaat in her and couldn’t move on. She says that she’s the one who asked to change the face for him. She asks if he doesn’t like it and Zaroon hugs her and says that it’s not.

Precap: Kainaat gets dressed up as herself and Zaroon comes there and gets shocked.