Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 11th September 2019 written update:- Zaroon –Kainaat romance and Madhav scolds his family

The episode starts with Ganpati pooja decorations taking place. Madhav comes there and his mother asks him to take part in Ganpati Pooja. She says that he’s very powerful that maybe he could bring back Kainaat’s memory and gets them to get rid of her. Sneha waits for Madhav’s reaction on seeing Kashish in his late wife’ saree. Sneha taunts Madhav and he agrees to accompany her and bringing Ganpati.

Nadeem complains Rubina about Saltanat decision of changing her face for Zaroon who don’t even deserve her. Rubina consoles him as Saltanat did it to save her marriage and there’s nothing wrong in it.

Kainaat gets ready in her room in her old avatar and admires her new face, Zaroon comes there and Kainaat thanks him for removing all her old photos. She gets excited to start a new life with him, with a new face and new identity. Kainaat asks Zaroon to select her clothes.

Saltanat gets ready and wonders that for the first time she felt as if she was near to someone very close to her. Madhav brings Ganpati idol home and goes to his room only to find Saltanat dressed in his wife’s saree and gets shocked. Sneha smirks seeing her.

Nadeem whines about all the drama taking place that too for a worthless person like Zaroon. Rubina consoles him and asks him to adjust for their daughter. Kainaat brings Zaroon and they click family photos but zaroon smiles for formality. Sneha gets irked when Madhav doesn’t react to seeing Kashish. Kainaat complains about Zaroon not being fully concentrated on her. Zaroon says that it’s not because of her but Kainaat who he couldn’t forget because of her betrayal. He says that he couldn’t get her away from his mind and is now worried to believe or love anyone because of her.

Kashish participates pooja and Krish giver arti taal to perform pooja but Madhav’s mother stops him. Sneha intervenes and asks Kashish to proceed with the pooja. Madhav’s mother reprimands her but Sneha shuts her. Zaroon expresses his love for Kainaat. He kisses on her forehead and Kainaat gets happy.

Kashish is about to do the pooja but Madhav stops her. He says that she shouldn’t do the arti and asks her to go up. Kashish asks why and says that she’s not his private property and she’ll do what she wants. He asks her to not to argue and also never wear the sarees anymore. Kashish asks what’s the problem and Madhav says that they are not yet married and asks her to not behave like his wife. Kashish leaves angrily and Krish follows her. Madhav scolds his family and asks them to respect other religious sentiments along with theirs too. He enters Kashish room and Kashish bursts at him to leave her from where he found her. Zaroon lifts Kainaat and places her on the bed. He comes forward to kiss her. Madhav blurts the truth that she’s Muslim. Saltanat gets flashes of past.

Precap: Madhav forces her to remember something and she tries and shouts Zaroon.