October 21, 2019
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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 13th August 2019 written update:- Another crime scene of Kainaat

The episode starts with Zainab is slapping Kainaat and says I am your mother how can you forget that? O can identify who is whom even when I am asleep. She takes out her wig and wipes of the coating of her mole. She says even Miyajaan got to know at the end moment the reality of you and that is why he was showing you in his last times. Kainaat says he was showing me because I hit him with that fire extinguisher.

Zainab gets shocked to listen to all this. She continues that what will I do? He was not ready to listen to me. I never wanted to kill him but he was so eager, to tell the truth to the entire family. So I have to stop him in that way but I am not responsible for anything. Zainab goes and comes back with a pillow, Kainaat says mother what are you doing? I am your child and you can’t do this to me.

Zainab says a girl who can kill her grandfather, an attempt to kill her own blood-related sister can’t be my daughter but a cold-blooded murderer. She puts the pillow on her mouth and pressed it. She got to remember the memories of Kainaat when she was small and she chooses Kainaat for herself and gave Saltanat to Rubina. She becomes weak for a second and then she gets to remember the state of Saltanat and pressed more and then drops the pillow and go from there.

She washed her hands with water and still, her hands are shaking from fear and palpitations. Here Jaan Mohammed and Nadeem are distributing food among the needy person when one of them asks Nadeem about Kainaat health. Nadeem answer she is recovering and thinks who she can be and then it was revealed to be Sabina.

Nadeem goes from there seeing her and Jaan asked her how she landed in such state. Sabina does her drama to sexually attract him and portray herself as a victim. Jaan Mohammed asks her to come with him but she says I have no right to enter Shah Manzil so I will not go there. Nadeem watches them talking from a long distance.

Zainab enters the room again and cries and regrets being the mother of Kainaat. She regrets covering up all her crimes from childhood. She regrets always terming her as the victim and innocent in front of all to safeguard her. She feels her such behavior only leads Kainaat to this audacity that she has become unstoppable.

Zainab says but now I will expose you in front of all so that no one outside of the house can malign the name and royalty of Shah Manzil because of you. Suddenly she hears a sound of laughter. She asks Kainaat where is she?

Kainaat says I am at a place where we hide a crime 12 years ago. Zainab gets shocked and she sides a painting and Kainaat comes out. She says I did something for you 12 years earlier and today for my love if I am doing all these then I am a villain.

Zainab slaps her and says what you did back then it was wrong too but I let it go and now what you are doing is madness. Kainaat hits Zainab with a rod and Ghazala and Rubina heard a sound. They followed the source and Rubina informed Ghazala that it was the backward portion of the house.

Kainaat tells Zainab she is yet to see what is the real face of Kainaat? She tries to kill Zainab and then ties her with rope and puts her inside and starts to cementing the wall when she hears the sound and thinks someone is coming. Zainab tries to make a noise but Kainaat is stopping him.

Precap – Doc comes to Shah Manzil for treatment of Kainaat.

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