Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 13th September 2019 written update:- Kainaat sees Saltanat and Nadeem’s big decision.

The episode starts with Kainaat and Zaroon having food and Saltanat and Madhav enters the place with Krish. Saltanat feels weird seeing the place. She sees Zaroon but he was facing his back. Zaroon says that it’s not his favorite dish. Kainaat tries covering up while Zaroon gets pissed off. She asks to click a selfie with Zaroon and he agrees. Madhav asks if she remembers something now. She says no but feels that she has been heard lots of time. Madhav asks her to think properly. Saltanat tries and feels weird and excuses herself and leaves. She crosses Zaroon and Zaroon could feel her.

Zaroon to leaves to the washroom. Kainaat is checking the photos and sees Saltanat in it and gets shocked. She sees Saltanat coming out from washroom with Zaroon behind and gets feared. Zaroon is about to see Saltanat when Kainaat sets herself on fire to prevent him from seeing her. She shouts and Madhav is about to help but he sees Zaroon and backs off. Zaroon puts off the fire and takes her home.

Doctor checks Kainaat and Zaroon and Rubina stand tensed. The doctor informs that there are slight burns and asks them to take care and leaves. Nadeem comes there and blames Zaroon for it again and is about to slap him but Rubina holds him. He scolds him while Zaroon stands confused. He announces a divorce between Zaroon and Saltanat shocking everyone. Rubina tries convincing him but Nadeem stands firm in his decision. He announces that the divorce will happen and leaves with Rubina following behind. Zaroon stands dazed.

Kainaat hears everything and shouts Saltanat. She blames Saltanat for always interfering in their life. Kainaat shouts that the house, Zaroon, this life everything will be only hers. She swears to destroy Saltanat for sure.

Saltanat comes home with Madhav and Krish. She says that she doesn’t want to go anywhere anymore. She says that everything seems familiar to her but she couldn’t recall anything. Jugal asks them to have food but he refuses. Saltanat asks why but Madhav dismisses it. Saltanat complains that he didn’t buy food for them as it was expensive. Madhav leaves and Jugal calls Saltanat for food but she glares him and leaves.

Rubina asks Nadeem that how he could take such a big decision in anger. Nadeem replies that he took the decision only after thinking. He sees Zaroon on door and Kainaat recalls all the past evident. She calls the hotel manager and asks for CCTV footage. He refuses and cuts the call. Kainaat decides to investigate in person.

Zaroon agrees to his decision as he’s neither a good husband nor a good son. He gives him divorce papers and asks him to sign it. Zaroon with a lot of hesitation is about to sign while Rubina tries stopping him.

Precap: Kainaat threatens to cut her wrist if they want to break the marriage. Rubina stops and hugs her. Nadeem watches her and says that she’s not his daughter