Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 14th September 2019 written update: Zaroon gets to know something suspicious about Kainaat

The episode begins with Zaroon is about to sign the divorce papers when screams his name and Nadeem, Rubina and Zaroon runs to his room to check on her. Zaroon comes to his room and sits beside Kainaat, she hugs and tightly while Nadim and Rubina get scared for her. She gets up from the bed and hugs Nadeem as well. Nadeem gets scared for her when she says that she has seen a very dangerous dream. Kainaat asks Rubina why she is looking tensed?

On the other hand, In the house of Madhav, his mother is welcoming the guest in the house for the Ganapati festival. She is waiting for a special guest at the door when Sneha asks her that when are they coming? Suddenly some guest arrived at her doorsteps and she is happy to see them. She welcomes them and asks if they find any difficulty while looking for the house. They say that their house is very renowned in the place and it is very easy to find it out. She welcomes them and asks them to settle on the sofa and say that she likes their daughters so much for her son Madhav.

Madhav is spending time with his son when Saltanat comes there with food. Madhav denies taking the meal when Krish says he will not do his homework if he doesn’t take his food now. Madhav, Saltanat, and Krish all three share a beautiful moment. Kainaat on the other side attempted to suicide to stop the divorce when Nadeem says this can’t be my daughter.

Krrish comes down running from his room and washes his hand on the staff of the girl who came to marry Madhav. That lady slams Krish in a rude way which Madhav doesn’t like. Saltanat asks Krish to say sorry and asks not to do such a thing again while she takes Krish side and defends him in front of all. Madhav is touched with this gesture of Saltanat. The mother of Madhav in a new way to handle the situation calls Saltanat nanny of Krish. She says a caretaker can’t give place of a mother. Saltanat gets upset and she comes to the room and cries. Madhav comes to console her when she asks to take her somewhere where she can find some mental peace. Madhav thinks in mind that this can only happen when you will be with Zaroon.

Later on, Kainaat plans to end Saltanat story and finds out about her. She is about to go out of the house to check in the restaurant but Nadeem stops her. Later on, Kainaat hired a person to get information about Saltanat. She gives in the picture of her when Zaroon comes from behind and confronts her about it. He picks up the picture from the ground and gets shocked to see that Saltanat is asking the person to find out about Saltanat herself only. Kainaat gets shocked to see him there.

Precap – Madhav promised to take Saltanat to a place where she can feel good and peaceful.