Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 16th September 2019 written update: Saltanat and Madhav visits Dargah again

The episode begins with Zaroon is walking towards Kainaat who is terrified that she can get caught now. She immediately makes an excuse to him that she needs a skin cream which is not available in the market that is why she is asking this person to give her updates about that cream in coming 24 hours and she said that she has come from shop of her friend and was unable to recognise that is why she is showing him her old picture. Kainaat asks the man to do his job well and report her soon while Zaroon buys her fraud and takes her along with him inside. Zaroon brings her to his room and open the door. Kainaat gets happy to see the decorations inside. She is feeling excited that finally all her desire will come true.

On the other hand, Saltanat is asking Madhav to fulfill his promise to her. She says he can’t even fulfill a single wish of hers, she says when you are not capable of keeping your own words then why claiming such big things in the first place? Madhav gets angry and says he will take her to the place where she can find all these she is asking for. Saltanat looks at him with fondness when Krish comes with a lady and asks to take off her bad omens. Here Zaroon is promising his undying love and care for Kainaat thinking her as Saltanat. He is getting close to her while Kainaat tries to go near him. She was about to proceed with Haroon when suddenly she gets a cramp on her waist and starts to scream in pain. Zaroon runs to bring spray and sprinkle on her waist.

In the morning, Madhav comes to Krish with brush and toothpaste to get him ready for school but he denies saying he doesn’t want to go to school. Madhav thinks he is just making excuses so he just makes him seat and asks to be a good boy and get ready but he throws the brush away and runs from there. Madhav wonders what happened to her suddenly? Krish is with Saltanat and she asked him why he is not going to school? If he doesn’t go to school he will end up losing the chance to get selected in the Basketball team. Krish is still reluctant and not ready when Saltanat asks him to wake up and says if something is bothering him in school? He says all the kids are taunting me and mocking me that my mother doesn’t love me and that’s why she is not with us.

Saltanat made him understand that he has a superhero father who is doing the job of a mother and father both together so so he is special. Krish gets happy and takes a promise from Saltanat that she will never ever leave him and be with him always. Saltanat finishes his glass of milk every day without any drama then she will never leave him. Krrish gets happy and leads to get ready for school.

Madhav brings saltanat at Dargah area where she is getting flashes but it’s all so dizzy and incomplete. She tries hard to remember something but it is not helping. She was struggling to remember something when she gets collided with Rubina and Nadeem. Madhav notices it from a distance but keeps quiet. Rubina and saltanat feel weird with each other’s touch. Saltanat helplessly watches them going from there while Madhav gets tensed.

Precap – Zaroon calls for Saltanat name and Saltanat starts to running. Madhav gets shocked to see this.