Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 20th August 2019 written update:- Saltanat breathes her last, Zaroon makes shocking remark

The episode starts with all gathers in Saltanat room and is waiting while Zaroon is asked to take out her oxygen mask. He is feeling utterly disturbed and less interested to take out the oxygen mask but on insists by all he eventually agrees to do it.

On the other hand, Zainab can feel something is happening wrong with Saltanat and she shouts her name and attempts to cut the electricity of the house and gets electrocuted in that process. At the same time due to it, the house goes for a power cut and all the life-saving machines of Saltanat switched off. Zaroon runs to turn on the fuze while Kainaat rejoices.

Zaroon puts on the fuze and lights are back, he runs to Kainaat room when Dr.Sharma is checking the wrist of Saltanat and pulls out the oxygen mask.

He says to the family that for light goes off the machine switched off and her heartbeat is also stopped. She is no more and everyone in the house cries in agony while Kainaat gets happy but pretends to cry like she is deeply hurt.

Zaroon is taken aback by the news and he stumbles when Ghazala supports him. Kainaat also hugs him partially and pretends to cry. She thinks Saltanat is dead and I emerge as the winner and smiles and then again pretends to cry. Here Zainab is still getting shocked and slowly she blacks out. All the family members are gathered together to perform the last rites of Saltanat. Dr. Sharma. comes with the death certificate of Kainaat and gives it to Nadeem, he further asks Kainaat to take care of herself and family and leaves. Rubina continuously trying to reach Zainab but fails. Nadeem asks how will we proceed without her? Rubina says Kainaat is not alone her mother is with her. She cries and says why I feel a part of going away from me. Why I am feeling like I will die at any moment.


Saltanat aka real Kainaat noticed that Zaroon is missing from the funeral and she looks here and there to find out about him. Zaroon is in the room. and he is getting to remember all the moments he spent with Saltanat and feels restless. He thinks why I am having a strange feeling that I lost Saltanat. When Kainaat comes and keep her hand on his shoulder and says you Saltanat is going nowhere and she will be here always with you. Zaffran looks at Kainaat and feels like he is seeing the real Kainaat, he throws her hand away and asks her to stay away from him.

Kainaat gets shocked to see his reaction when Zaroon came back in sense and ask for sorry from Kainaat, who is Saltanat for him. He asks her to stay away from him for some days as this face is reminding him of Kainaat which he is not able to tolerate currently. He goes from there and Kainaat fumes in anger.

Hamza, Zaroon and all other family members leave with Saltanat body to perform the last rites while Kainaat goes in the room and took a picture of Zaroon carrying Saltanat and smiles to see that finally her motive is served. Here Sabina does drama in front of Jaan Mohammed and acts as a sad victim of life and tries to take his sympathy. All the family members come there and Ghazala says let’s go to Dargah to read the last prayer after Kainaat’s name. Here Zaroon is taking the dead body to Dargah when a hoodie man watches the entire thing from a distance. Hamza remembered his moments with Kainaat as he thinks Kainaat is no more. The possession is passing when the hooded man comes there and watches them.
Precap – Zaroon asks Kainaat to stay away from him and goes in Zainab room.