Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 22nd August 2019 written update:-Zaroon gets a clue about Zainab

The episode starts with Rubina is asking Zainab to get up while she sprinkled some water on her. She asks Kainaat to bring some water but Kainaat is glued to her place and is not moving in fear of getting caught. Ghazala comes to her and asks Rubina asks you to bring some water. She comes back to her senses and goes to bring water. She comes back with a glass of water and stumbles upon the sheet and gets scared. Zaroon manages her and asks her to keep calm.

Ghazala brings water. Zaroon asks her if she wants to go out of the house she says no what if Zainab wakes up? Ghazala feels odd with her words. Dr. Sharma came in the room and asks if everything is perfect? Kainaat asks him how he comes here? Who called him? Ghazala says I asked him to come for Zainab. He sits besides Zainab and starts to Shekhar and says she is not responding to holding her pulse. Kainaat promptly says that means she will not be able to talk right? All looks at her shocked wild Dr. Sharma says yes or something like that. He says maybe she will not wake up and Kainaat again asks that means she is in a coma? He feels really odd to see her reaction when he asked how all this happened? Ghazala confesses to him that someone buried her behind the wall. He gets shocked and stunned and freaks out in shock.

Here Mamoon and Nadeem get into a heated argument over the happenings in the house. Nadeem says he has no idea about Zainab bhabi state and neither about anything else. Mamoon says so many things have happened in this house and you had no clue? They both start to argue with each other and blame each other over things. Mamoon is not ready to buy Nadeem’s justifications and he says that you are lying about not knowing anything about all these. At that moment Ghazala comes their screaming and starts to cry. Rubina also comes there running and informs Nadim that Dr. Sharma has called Police.

Later on, Zaroon settles down with the family members and tries to figure out what has happened in the house. He asks what happened did anybody died in the house? He says all to speak up as they have to speak in front of the police. Nadeem finally speaks up that one death had taken place in the house. Zaroon looks at him surprised when he says it was my elder brother and Kainaat’s father. Kainaat is petrified, she listens to all behind the curtain of the room. Dr. Sharma comes there and ask how old is this incident? Rubina says it’s been 12 years now, he says that an atom is also that much older.

Police come and start to interrogate them about Zainab state and then they ask about the anatomy when Mamoon ask time to dismiss the case in exchange for money. Zahran protest and say why should we give them money when none of us is wrong. If we offer the money then it will be established that we worried the designer behind the wall and this mother is also done by someone among us. Neelam says I think all these are done by Kainaat but she is no more now. Kainaat asks Neelam to shut up while the inspector asks them to share if they know anything about it.

Inspector leaves the house saying ki we are taking all the pieces of evidence and stuff for forensic examination. If anything suspicious comes out and we find any fingerprints on the scene of crime then we will again arrive in this house with a search warrant and yes if we find something more than that then get ready for arrest warrant too. The left and doctor Sharma ask them to understand his duties and he leaves too.

Ghazala settles down with Saltanat for a talk session while Zaroon is talking to Rubina and Nadeem about what is going wrong in the house. Mamoon comes there and says this is why I ask you to go back to Canada. Kainaat is tensed and she blurts out to Ghazala that you are right even after dying Saltanat is not letting me live happily. Here Zaroon says to Mamoon this has become a police matter and he can’t leave the city now. Kainaat does drama and covers up.

Later Ghazala, Rubina, and Nadeem goes into the crime scene and is trying to figure out the things when Ghazala remembered some days ago they heard some noise from here. They decided to tell the police about it. Kainaat gets scared to get caught.

Precap – Zaroon gets to know from ACP no official complaint is lodged against them. Zaroon doubts on Dr.Sharma.