Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 23rd August 2019 written update:- Mystery Man revealed and Saltanat in danger

The episode starts with everyone seated on the dining table while Kainaat worried about the police. She acts normal but still shivers for her truth to be out. The police arrive and everyone gets panicked. He asks about Zaroon and they say that he has gone to meet the lawyer. Later it’s revealed that the police is here to enquire about MiyaJaan death. The police leaves and Zaroon enters. He asks them if Dr. Sharma came but the family says that they came to enquire about MiyaJaan. Zaroon leaves somewhere.

The hoodie man comes with a dead body and keeps it on a wooden log to light it. He takes another body and it’s revealed to be Saltanat. He says its time for Kainaat Shah.

Zaroon enquires about Dr. Sharma in the hospital but the nurse reveals that there are no such doctor works there and Zaroon gets shocked. He informs the same to his family. Kainaat asks if that means is Dr. Sharma is fake. Zaroon says not only Sharma even the Police are fake which means Kainaat (Saltanat) is alive. Zaroon blames himself for Kainaat(Saltanat) condition while Kainaat gets irked.

The hoodie person revealed to be Dr. Sharma and he sets the other dead body on fire leaving Saltanat.
Neelam asks about the person who attacked Zainab. Kainaat reminisces hitting Zainab. The whole family gets confused. MiyaJaan is sure that all these games are played by someone from their own house. Kainaat panic and says that how could they check on their own family members as it will be like insulting them and everyone agrees.

Sharma also thinks her to be Kainaat and the other dead body is revealed to be his sister Sakshi skeleton. He says that he’s living all his life only to destroy her. He takes two photos from his pocket. One is young Kainaat and another one is his sister Sakshi. He reveals his hatred for her as she killed his sister 12 years back.

In the flashback, its shown that Kainaat’s father loved Sakshi and forces her to accept him but Sakshi denies breaking a family. Young Kainaat hits her and kills her in front of her father as he said that he hates her and her mother for Sakshi. All these are witnessed by young Sharma. The other dead body is his sister’s which he has preserved all these years. He promises that the moment she wakes from her coma he will kill her brutally with his own hands.

Family members are confused about recent happenings. Kainaat says that she’ll go and check on Zaroon. On her way, she recollects all the moments from the entry of Dr. Sharma to till date. She feels confused regarding the happenings around her. She enters her room and finds him on the bed. She thought to spend some time with him but finds him asleep and gets disappointed and leaves. Zaroon in his sleep by mistake hits the candle nearby and wakes up shouting Saltanat. Sharma takes Saltanat dead body with him and vows to destroy her.

Precap: Zaroon says to Kainaat that he felt as if she’s in some trouble. Kainaat gets happy and is about to hug him but Zaroon stops her. He says that but now he feels as if she’s not related to him. Kainaat worries if Zaroon caught her lies.