Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24th August 2019 written update:- Zaroon does romance with Kainaat

The episode begins with Kainaat is trying to analyze the happenings in the house one by one. she says that apart from me and my mother no one knows about that skeleton and what happened twelve years ago? then who was this doctor who came to my house and literally made everyone worried about his activities. She thinks if he purposely take out that skeleton then it is obvious that he knows about me as well. Canada things that whatever happened, happened for good and now everything that can create an optical in my life is away from this house. That skeleton and as well as Saltanat also, both are gone.

Nadeem gets into an argument with Mamoon about the happenings in the house. Nadeem suggested to take police help to find out about the skeleton and who did this crime with Zainab but Mamoon and Rubina both stop him. They say that going to police and telling them about all days will make us fall in deep danger. Please will think we are responsible for whatever is happening so let’s shut this topic here only. Ghazala tries to say about Dr Sharma but Mamoon cuts her in middle.
Zaroon is in his room and he silently cries. He closes his eyes and the scene of he buried Saltanat isn’t leaving his mind. Kainaat enters his room and ask him if he wakes up ? Zaroon stands up and says I was worried about you and thinks you are in danger. Kainaat gets happy and is about to hug him when he says but now I think you are not in my dreams at all and asks her to leave him alone. Kainaat agrees but fumes in anger and cries after going out. Rubina spots her crying and asks her what happened? She tells Rubina for the sake of this relationship she went against all is slowly going out of her hand. She feels like away from Zaroon even after being with him under the same roof. Rubina assures her that everything will be alright.

Later on Nadeem and Rubina comes to meet Zaroon and talks with him. Rubina says whatever happened in this house is not in our control. Stop blaming yourself for it as it will not let you move on in life. We can not sit holding on to the past for a long time, you have some responsibility towards Saltanat as well. You need to look after her as well, she also has right on you and your time as she is your wife.
Kainaat is working in the kitchen when Zaroon comes there and asks her about dinner for the day. She gets surprised and happy as well when Zaroon says he wants to take her out today so get prepared at 5pm and she agrees. Zaroon leaves the kitchen and she gets happy thinking that today is my first date with Zaroon.
Dr. Sharma takes Saltanat in a wheelchair and uncovers a cupboard while on the other side Kainaat closed the door of her room and says what I was desiring all these while is finally fulfilled. She thanked Allah and takes out a red suit and gets prepared. Dr.Sharma tells Saltanat that from today the last phrase of your life is starting.

Here in the room Rubina and Ghazala are taking care of Zainab and also making a list for Saltanat and Zaroon date. Zaroon comes in and Ghazala gives him a gift and says this has chocolates, give it to Saltanat. Kainaat comes there too and sees Zainab and feels not so happy to see her getting recovered.

Precap – Kainaat finds out that Saltanat body is missing from the grave.