Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 24th June, 2019 Written Update A saga of jealousy and hatred of Kainaat

The episode starts with Hamza is taking out the box from Kainaat’s room and Rubina also goes out with it. She looks at it suspiciously but then walks out. Kainaat closes the door with a thud. Zaroon and Mamoon engages in an argument about the alliance. Zaroon says you are only worried about your dreams, desire, wish and agendas and not about your son. Whatever I will get through this marriage is not what I wanted. Mamoon is going to slap Zaroon but he holds his hand and says I don’t deserve this humiliation today at least.
Miyajaan enters and thanks Zaroon once again for marrying Kainaat. Zaroon says please don’t make me embarrassed. Miyajaan asks Mamoon to come with him and see the arrangements of marriage. Ghazala comes and asks Zaroon what are you hiding in your palm? Zaroon says the piece of my broken heart. Ghazal hugs him and says why are you doing this son if you don’t want? Zaroon says Saltant doesn’t have courage to accept her love.
Neelam gets shocked to see Zebran there, she asks him what he is doing there? Zebran says you only asked me to come home if I want to meet you. Neelam says either family or the groom side people are present and you are none. Zebran says where you will be, I will follow.
Neelam sees Hamza coming, she asks Zebran to come with her. She asks Hamza Is he leaving the house? He says No, it’s Kainaat’s box and she wants it to be thrown out before her marriage. Neelam monologue “Kainaat can pack herself as well….She is taking my Saltanat place in Nikah.” She suggested Hamza to take Zebran help to take out the sinduk.

Zaroon meets Hamza and asks if he sees Saltanat or not. Kainaat and Zainab is in the room, when Kainaat says she is unable to gather all this happiness in her kitty. Zainab says the only regret is if Saltanat can also be a part of it? Saltanat gets angry and says everyone is doing Saltanat Saltanat, is my love not enough for you? I don’t know why people are not getting that she will never come back now. Zainab gets shocked, Kainaat diverts the topic by saying that she doesn’t want any bad omen to occur in her happiness. Zainab says how come Saltanat will be a bad omen? You got this happiness because of her only.Zainab hugs Kainaat but she puts a stern face.
Hamza and Zebran talked about the box, Hamza says Kainaat wanted to throw it today but no driver is available. Zebran says let’s go inside and check if any driver is there.
Winds started blowing when Zaroon hears Saltanat voice again and a feather comes on his dress but before he can catch, it flew away and falls on the floor. He is going to take it flows away towards stairs and eventually it falls on the box. Zaroon reached near the box and feels a different kind of emotions. Saltanat can also feel Zaroon there but at the end moment maasi sees him with the box.
Maasi informs Kainaat that the box is still in house. Kainaat says no one should get to see or open the box. She then asks maasi to throw it out, maasi says I am not be able to do this. Kainaat suggested throw the box in the pool of house.
Maasi says ok after your marriage we will bring the box out. Kainaat shouts No and maasi reacts Kainaat in shock. She says we can’t kill people like this girl. Kainaat says I will kill Saltanat as I don’t want her in my life.
From my childhood to today I was living in her shade, she and me are look alike but all the praises are for her but scoldings are for me. She is beautiful but I am ugly. Every good thing always belongs to her and now she will snatch Zaroon too like her mom snatched Nadeem from you. Maasi says its ok I will do your work and leaves.
Kainaat says I know Nadeem chacha is your weak point and I know how to utilize it. See how I entangle you in my words and smiles.

Precap : Sabina throws the box in water, Zainab sees it. She gets in water and water started to get filled inside the tank.