Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 27th August 2019 written update:- Kainaat’s ghost drama and Dr. Sharma’s extreme step towards Saltanat

The episode starts with Dr. Sharma trying to wake Saltanat from coma by getting her drenched with cold water. She still doesn’t react and Sharma gets furious. He decides to torture her more to get her out of coma.
Kainaat is seen worried about the recent happenings. She drops her things and bends down to pick it. Neelam arrives at that time and thinks Kainaat to be a ghost. She screams and runs away giving next evil idea for Kainaat.
Sharma winds Saltanat body with electric wire getting ready for his next dangerous move.

Zaroon is about to enter his room when he finds smoke coming out of nowhere. He checks it to find a girl walking with anklets in between the smoke. Slowly it’s revealed to be Kainaat and Zaroon gets shocked. He holds her hand to stop her but gets surprised to see Saltanat. He says Saltanat about what he saw while Kainaat smirks remembering her plan.

Dadi wards off evil eye from Neelam while Neelam gets irked. Daadi’s drama continues.
Saltanat and Zaroon discuss about Kainaat when both their moms come to them. They say what happened to them. Kainaat rubbishes it off but Zaroon’s mom asks them to not take it simple. Zaroon apologizes Kainaat for ignoring her after marriage due to all the chaos. Kainaat gets happy when Zaroon says that he has a surprise for her in their room. Kainaat runs happily while both their mom gets happy.
Zaroon to leaves after her and Zaroon’s mom and Rubina discuss about Kainaat. Zaroon’s mom say the storm that Kainaat got in Zaroon’s life will never leave. She despises Kainaat. Rubina leaves and Zaroon’s mother finds a long hair there. She wonders if its Kainaat and in alter side Kainaat dressed as herself leaves to Rubina room.

Kainaat whispers in Rubina’s ears and throws something on the window and runs away. Rubina wakes up shouting and Nadeem and everyone comes to her. She says about meeting Kainaat and gets worried. Rubina also reveals her moment. Zaroon’s mother also says about Zaroon experiencing one such moment. They all see the broken glass window and fears. Kainaat assures that it’s nothing and asks them to not make it any issue and smiled for her victory.
Sharma is about to switch on the electricity but then gets reminded of his sister’s words about not hurting a girl. He removes the wire and says that he hates her the most but also will not hurt her. He says that he will take her far away that no body could reach her. Saying so she takes Saltanat in his arms and leaves
Zaroon leaves to Kainaat’s grave and says that whatever it is in between them he still wishes her. He prays to Allah to let her be in peace ️ no matter where she is. Kainaat comes out of her hiding and smiles happily to see Zaroon in her grave as expected.

Precap : Zaroon digs the grave and finds it empty. He shouts for Kainaat.