Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 28th August 2019 written update:- Ghazala gets to know about Kainaat truth

The episode starts with Zaroon with Mamoon and Nadeem finishing his namaz and informs them about leaving for the hospital to check about Sharma. On his way, he meets Gazala who is watering the plants and scares her from behind. Gazala casually mentions about death and Zaroon scolds her. They both share a sweet moment and Zaroon leaves.

Zaroon finds Saltanat mother in the kitchen who wonders seeing empty Haldi milk glass. She says only Kainaat drinks Haldi milk and Saltanat hates it. Gazala gets suspicious.

Kainaat gets ready in her room when she finds her spectacles missing. In the meantime, Gazala finds the things Kainaat used to scare everyone along with her spectacles in the garden. Her suspicion gets bigger. Kainaat rushes to retrieve her things only to find it with Gazala. She first panics but then comes up with another evil plan.

Sharma exposes Saltanat to hard light to revive her from a coma but in vain. He gets someone to call.
Kainaat sends Saltanat mom and Dad to take her mother to the hospital so that no one will be present in the house except herself and Gazala. Gazala hurriedly locks her room and tries calling Zaroon but he’s unavailable to take the call. She then tries Mamoon number but then finds someone locking the door. She panics and starts knocking it furiously. Gazala fears to the core.

Sharma says ho Saltanat that he’s taking her somewhere and she’ll suffer there.
Rubina opens Gazala door hearing her shouts and Gazala asks about everyone. When she is about to reveal the truth Kainaat intervenes. Gazala stops saying whatever she was about to say to Rubina seeing Kainaat. Kainaat explains Rubina about Kainaat ghost and sends her away.

She sends her with Dadi and Fufa to the mosque and locks the door. Later she corners a lonely Gazala and reveals her true identity to her shocking Gazala to the core.

Precap: Kainaat stabs Gazala and Zaroon digs Kainaat grave only to find it empty. He shouts Kainaat.