Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd August 2019 Written Update:- An unknown welcome at Shah Manzil

The episode begins with the visuals of Masjid. Zaroon comes there to pray for Saltanat. Kun fayakun song plays in the background. Zaroon sees the wall of threads and reminds how he tied one to get Saltanat back in his life. He again takes a thread and ties it to the wall and wishes and prays for Saltanat well being and life. He gets teary-eyed and prays to Allah for her when he sees another thread in his hand. He gets angry and rubs coal on the thread and makes it black as a sign of bad omen. He then ties it on the wall and prays for Kainaat destruction and says I shouldn’t ask for someone bad but Kainaat deserves this. He moves from there and a thread falls but it was not known that for whom it was tied.

Elsewhere, Sabina takes a room on rent and tries to seduce the landlord so that she doesn’t need to pay the rent. She fakes herself of being a poor girl who has no wealth with her and says I am alone in this city with the fund of beauty with me. She asks him to give her 3000 rupees more so that she can pay her 5000 rupees rent. The landlord is giving happily when his wife comes there and stops him.

Here Neelam is watching the video of Saltanat and Zaroon in her mobile and gets emotional. She gets flashes of Kainaat saying thanks to her for not rescuing Saltanat at night hence she is able to spend her night with Zaroon. Hamza comes and sits beside her when she asks him did he have his breakfast or she will bring. Hamza stops her and makes her seat and asks what is trendy in fashion these days? Neelam gets confused while Hamza says I am just trying to fill the void of Saltanat so that you don’t get bored. Neelam gets happy and she hugs Humza. Humza says Zaroon is must be mistaken about the whole box fiasco, he knows Kainaat from childhood and she is such a simple and pure girl. Neelam says she is no innocent neither Zaroon is having any misconception and she was there in their special night and stops. Here, the wife of the landlord asks Sabina what’s the matter? She says I am a poor person with no source of money so I am requesting him to excuse 3000 fees and give me the room in 2000. She checks her feet and says you are not from any middle-class family as your feet are also polished and pedicured. Give us rent by this month or else you can leave.

Here Hamza inquiries to Neelam about what she is trying to say? Neelam changes the topic and says I hope god bless Kainaat with a bit of sense and she doesn’t harm my Saltanat. Hamza gets a doubt in his mind. In some other place, two bodies are lying on the road and dresses are similar to Kainaat and Saltanat. A couple spots them and took them into their car. Here Zaroon prays for Saltanat to come back and not to take a test on him anymore. He gets a sign and feels Saltanat around. He sees the same car with hand popping out. He feels the wrist to be Saltanat and runs behind the car. Here in the house, Nadeem enters and feel someone is behind but he sees none. After he left someone entered and hits on the wall with a hammer. That unknown guest enters Saltanat room where Neelam is sitting sleepily she does the same in the room. Neelam sees it and screams in fear and that person with a hoodie runs. All the family members come out and try to find that person and here Zaroon keep on running behind the car and somehow in between the traffic lost the car as well. Here the family members are searching that person everywhere when suddenly he comes out under the table hits Mamoon and escapes while colliding with Zaroon. All ask Zaroon to follow that person while Ghazala comes to Mamoon.

Precap: Zainab receives a call informing her about Kainaat and Saltanat. She gets shocked and numb listening to this.