Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 3rd September 2019 written update:- Kainaat gets burnt and Saltanat confronts Madhav

The episode starts with Kainaat getting furious remembering Zaroon’s words. She gets angry to the core and starts throwing things here and there. She cries vigorously. All of a sudden she skids and falls on her face in boiling oil.

Doctors treat Kainaat and Zaroon feels guilty of her condition. He blames himself for it.
Madhav’s mother and sister complains about their displeasure of Kainaat being in their home. Madhav asks them to bear her till she regains her memory. Neha’s husband arrives there and falls on maid. Neha scolds him.
Krish gorse to Saltanat and enquires about her health. He asks if she’s crying but Saltanat immediately wipes her tears. Krish takes her to have breakfast despite Saltanat’s protest. Madhav’s mother and sister immediately leave the table with Saltanat entry. Neha’s husband tries getting close with Saltanat but Neha calls him with her. Saltanat asks the reason for their behaviour but Madhav diverts it.

Rubina cries for Kainaat and Zaroon once again blames himself for it. The doctor comes and informs about Kainaat situation to her family.
Madhav asks his mother and sister to behave properly with Kainaat till she regains her memory. He says that his revenge is still on and asks them to co operate with them. He says that Krish should know about her real self.
Doctor informs that Kainaat is out of danger but her face is fully damaged due to burns. Doctor informs about Saltanat identity getting changed once plastic surgery is done. Zaroon and everyone gets panic.

Saltanat searches for any kind of evidence of her marriage but finds nothing. Krish calls out for her and Saltanat pretends normal. She asks Krish if he has ever seen her before or if he ever met her before. Krish says No and Saltanat gets furious.

Doctor asks for Saltanat’s photo so that it could help them in reviving her face during plastic surgery and Zaroon gives him. Nadeem looks furious at Zaroon. The doctor asks Nurse to keep the operation theater ready.

Saltanat furiously starts leaving the home and everyone tries to stop her but in vain. Madhav holds her forcefully when she turns deaf ears to everyone.

Zaroon watches Kainaat getting operated and feels guilty. Nadeem blames Zaroon for taking Saltanat for granted always. He says that he is not a good husband for Saltanat.

Saltanat confronts Madhav for his lies and scolds his furious. Madhav raises his hand to slap Saltanat and Saltanat gets shocked.

Precap : Madhav drags Saltanat while Saltanat asks him to leave her hand as it pains. His mother asks Where’s he taking her for which Madhav replies that to the right place.