Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 6th September 2019 written update:- Kainaat surgery success and Saltanat gets harassed

The episode starts with Madhav hugging Krish. Zaroon is about to get them but gets Rubina’s call and leaves to hospital. Madhav scolds Krish for leaving his phone and being careless. Saltanat supports Krish and says that childhood would be that way. She says that she’s sure her childhood would have been some and Madhav gets irked about it.

Krish winces in pain by his wound and Madhav gets worried. He gets a call about his meeting and he scolds them for arranging a meeting without consulting with him. Saltanat says that she’ll leave with Krish in auto-rickshaw but Madhav doesn’t agree. Saltanat says Krish that his father’s childhood would have been bad and hence is behaving so. He remembers witnessing his sister’s murder by Kainaat and wishes for her memory to return as soon as possible.

Neha and Madhav’s mother are worried about Krish and Madhav and the three enters the room. They get worried seeing Krish wounded and blames Kashish for it. Neha is about to charge towards her when Madhav gets furious seeing dried garland around his sister’s photo. He scolds servant’s and asks them to change it immediately. He scolds his family too for being careless and his mother apologizes and assures to never repeat it.
Kainaat operation takes place and Zaroon gets worried standing outside.

Saltanat gets Zaroon’s dream and Krish brings soup for her just like Zaroon in her dream. He asks her to have it with her and both starts having the soup. He ash’s her to help him with his project. He asks her to join him in drawing with closed eyes and Saltanat agrees.

Madhav’s mother consults with Pandit about Madhav’s marriage. Madhav arrives there and asks the reason for it and his mother lies about Ganpati Chaturthi pooja. Neha asks will Madhav agree for the marriage and she says that she’ll manage. They have a conversation about Madhav’s bride.

Saltanat and Krish draw closing their eyes and have a fun time. Saltanat enjoys her moments with Krish. Saltanat once again closes her eyes and gets flashes of Zaroon again. Krish asks her to show her drawing and she shows Zaroon picture. Krish identifies him as the uncle who helped him in dargah and Saltanat enquires about him to Krish. Krish shows her his number but the last two numbers seem to be disrupted. She thought to try both the possibilities and tries one and Zaroon picks the call. He answers Saltanat but it turns out to be someone else. When she’s about to try another number Neha’s husband intervenes. He says to Krish that Neha is calling him and Krish leaves. Neha’s husband starts a conversation with Saltanat.

Doctors come and inform that the operation is successful. Zaroon enters and apologizes to an unconscious Kainaat while Saltanat parents look at him with pity.

Neha’s husband moves closer with Saltanat and eve teases her indirectly. Krish informs Neha about Fufa ki with Saltanat and Neha gets angry. Neha’s husband starts harassing Saltanat and tries touching her but Saltanat pushes him down. Neha comes there and starts beating him running around the room. Her husband lies that its Kashish who tried seducing him and Kashish gets shocked.

Precap : Neha gifts Saltanat with a saree with an evil plan of insulting her