Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Calm after the storm


In Star Bharat’s Sufiyana Pyaar Mera, series of dramatic events unfolded one after another which brewed a lot of troubles for the love birds Zaroon and Saltanat from all ends. But now it seems the worse part of the storm is gone, and the two lovers will get a space to breathe some air of relief. After taunting to the duo with numerous insults and questions of decency from Dadi, it might happen so that Dadi will finally stop doing that. In an upcoming sequence in the show, Neelam will try and make peace between Dadi and Rubina. Their dispute will finally end and at the same time Salatanat and Zaroon will be able to make the family see things clearly. Miyajaan will be supportive of them and assure them with good words from him. This will resolve all the issues going wrong in the family since long and Saltanat and Zaroon will have a calm moment after all the storm that passed through them recently.

Later in the episode, we will see Zaroon taking good care of Saltanat as she has not recovered well from her illness. Zaroon will tend to her weakness and try to cheer her up. She has been through a lot in a very short span of time and to make her feel good, Zaroon will leave no stone unturned with his undeniable love towards her. Meanwhile, his care and love will all be witnessed by Kaainat as she boils in her own hell of anger and agony. And from this point, this calm after the storm might only be the calm before another storm that hits the couple. Kaainat still is the ultimate troublemaker for them and she might soon devise another trap to hurt them.

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