September 20, 2019
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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Heartbroken Zaroon!

Once again in Star Bharat’s triangular love saga, Saltanat is going beyond the sacrificial limit and sacrifice her happiness and love for somebody else’s well being. With everyone trying to make Kaainat be happy and living in peace, Zainab goes to Saltanat and requests her to do anything to let her out of her misery.

While Zaroon is adamant on getting married to Saltanat only, Saltanat doesn’t reciprocate his feelings with same measure even though in her heart she is deeply in love with this man. She thinks her duty must come first. Therefore, in the upcoming episode of the show, we will see Saltanat dishearteningly rejecting Zaroon and his proposal in front of everyone. Since Maamon has given an ultimatum to Zaroon that he either has to get Saltanat confessing her love for him or he needs to get married to Kaainat, he will fail in getting Saltanat to do that.

Now, Saltanat will not only reject his love but will also declare that she never loved him. Saltanat’s rude remarks will break his heart and leave him feel cheated. He will then decide he will marry Kainat instead thinking that she at least has loved him throughout and truly. He will also take that step to make his father proud of him. His father has his eye rooted on Miyajaan’s stature and they are plotting to take that away from him.

Marrying Kaainat to Zaroon was also the original plan of their cunning plot but however Zaroon ended up falling in love with Saltanat instead. With lots of difficulties they had some quality time to spend with together and now it seems it has come to an end. Will Zaroon marry Kaainat for real this time? To know more about it, keep tuning into the show.

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