Sufiyana Pyaar Mera; Kainaat and Hamza marriage to get called off

Star Bharat show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera is heading towards the biggest twist of the show. It was a known fact for the regular audience of the show that Kainaat is not at all interested in marrying Hamza. She is been conspiring against this marriage from the very start and planning to marry Zaroon at any cost. Well she is creating troubles in every marriage function of hers and now she has played a masterstroke post which the marriage is cancelled.

With this a new entry also made its way to Shah Manzil who can create trouble in Saltanat and Zaroon love story in the upcoming days.

In the last episode of the show the viewers have seen that Kainaat and Hamza gathered with all other family members at the hall for the ceremony of Haldi,which is also called as Manjha. Saltanat and Neelam are about to put the mixture in would be bride face but someone came.and halt the function. Well in today’s episode viewers will get go see the younger sister of Zainab, Sabina will mark her entry in Shah house. She will announce that the marriage will not proceed further. She reveals a truth which left the entire family including Hamza and Kainaat shocked and she also provided proof in support of that. Meanwhile, Kainaat will make an issue out of it and try to go close with Zaroon. Miyajaan will left embarrassed and he will be blamed for distorting the sayings of Quran Paak. Well with such cunning planning and plotting and proper execution of it Kainaat is able to destroy the possibility of her getting married to Hamza.

Now it will be interesting to see whether she will be successful into making Zaroon agree for the marriage or not? On the other side Zaroon and Saltanat are truly disappointed with the ongoing events. In short, the negativity is spreading its wings in the lives of Shah family.