Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Kainat to go eviler!

In Star Bharat’s recent hit Sufiyana Pyaar Ka, we can see that a person’s dressing and surficial behavior cannot guarantee what’s inside them. Kaainat, who seems more traditional and poised with good mannerisms is a real villain from inside. It was just not enough for her that she is instigating plans to break off Saltanat’s love with Zaroon, now she is resorting to killing Saltanat. In the upcoming episode, Kaainat will show the true extent of her evilness and attempt to murder Saltant. She wants to secure that she is the only one who will get Zaroon so she will devise a plan to get rid of Saltanat once and for all. She will take Sabina as her aide and tell her to make sure that Saltanat doesn’t have a chance of living. They will plot to lock Saltanat in a trunk and drowning that into the water. Will their plan work out? Or will Zaroon will be able to sense the danger and save her from the grip of death?

Zaroon is feeling desperate to meet Saltanat even if it means they are doing it for one last time. Saltanat has openly declared that she has never loved him nor will ever be able to love him. Zaroon will have a hard time accepting it and he will want to talk to Saltanat properly once again before he completely has to give up. It is very emotional for these two lovers to be part of this. He will go to Zainab and request her earnestly to fix a meeting for him and Saltanat. After much pleading forms his side, Zainab will agree to it and go to arrange them to meet.

Keep watching the show to witness what happens now onwards.

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