Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Kainat to torture Saltanat while Zaroon goes to identify a dead body!

It is always like the more the chaos, the more intriguing the drama is going to be in Star Bharat’s newest edition to its prime time drama Sufiyana Pyar Mera. Just recently, we got to witness the drama of Kainat disguising herself as Saltant in order to consummate the relationship with Zaroon.


Her malicious intention and even the full proof plan to carry out the trick didn’t work at last and Saltanat stopped her right in time from snatching her love. Then the two of them were caught into a brawl where Kainat went further crazy and attempted to jump off the terrace. Saltanat tried to stop her but still, she ended up falling there.


Later, Saltanat goes missing and Kainat too is nowhere to be found. Zaroon is searching for Saltanat and even have informed the police to seek her out. The Police have found a dead body now and they will inform Zaroon to come for an identification process. Zaroon, who is already in so much tension with all the weird things happenings will rush to the police station to do as informed though he is not in the right mind yet to believe something that bad. On the other side, Saltanat will be seen tied painfully to a chair. Kainat will come there, in that unknown location, holding a baseball bat in her hand. She will show her cruelty in the worst possible manner as she will hit Saltanat in the head with the baseball bat.


As per the spoilers, it is confirmed that Kainat has abducted Saltanat and is now torturing her in the most painful ways to serve her vengeance. Keep following this space for more of such spoilers and updates from shows of your choice.