Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Pyaar Toh Hona Hi Tha!

In Star Bharat’s ‘Sufiyana Pyaar Mera’, the dramatic events seem to go on and on and after Miyajaan’s successful rescue by Zaroon and Saltanat, one issue has been solved. But there is another dramatic sequence following this one and this time it is bigger and more thrilling.

Zaroon and Saltanat, the lovely pair, is going to be stuck in an elevator. Someone has put the bomb in there and it is almost about to blow off. The rescue team with the bomb-defusing squad will be trying very hard to defuse the bomb. This is quite a sequence for the fans of this show and this pair to be thrilled and scared out of their wits. We will have to wait with bated breath for knowing what is going to happen. This is surely going to create an adrenaline rush up everybody’s spine. But don’t worry fans as we have only good news to tell you. The news is that Zaroon and Saltanat will eventually be rescued by the squad working hard to defuse the bomb and get the elevator working again. So, people! You can take a breath of relief now.

However, the good news doesn’t end here. We have more to offer to our beautiful fans. Another good news is, Saltanat will finally confess her feelings of love to Zaroon in the heat of the moment. When Zaroon and Saltanat are stuck in the elevator and think that this might be the last time they are seeing and feeling each other’s presence, Zaroon will once again declare his love for his lady. This time Saltanat is not going to back down as she accepts his love wholeheartedly and in return tells him she loves him with equal measure. Oh! What a beautiful moment would it be?

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