Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Rupali to kidnap Zaroon to get her way with Madhav

Star Bharat’s popular thriller romance Sufiyana Pyar Mera has taken its thrill component a notch higher with the current storyline. As Madhav, Saltanat and the rest struggle to stop Rupali from making further conspiracies and troubling the whole family, she is getting fiercely villainous than before. Rupali, who is ready to sacrifice her son’s life just to retain her beauty, now is bent on doing everything on her power to keep Krish’s custody.

As per the exclusive spoilers we got from our special source at the sets of the show, the upcoming sequence is going to be highly dramatic and action-packed. Rupali will beat Zaroon, Saltanat, and Madhav in their own game. As they try to trap her with their plan, the shrewd woman will realize what they have been up to. And to take control of things she will kidnap Zaroon.

Once Zaroon is abducted by her, she will use him as a pawn against Saltanat and Madhav in order to blackmail them into giving her whatever she asks for. She will call Madhav and ask him to sign the custody papers giving her full parental right to Krish. Madhav gets worried about Zaroon’s life yet struggles to sign the papers as that would put Krish’s life in jeopardy.

Saltanat intervenes right in time and says Madhav will not sign the custody papers, no matter what. Rupali will be enraged with Saltanat’s intervention and then in the fit of anger, she will threaten to kill Zaroon right there. It will now be interesting to watch what choice Saltanat makes after this. Will Madhav be able to save Zaroon and Krish at the same time?

will Rupali succeed in her evil plan? To know the answers, keep watching. Do follow us for more such updates.