Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Saltanat hugs Zaroon!

Star Bharat show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera is witnessing edge of the seat drama.

In Sufiyana Pyaar Mera, Kaynaat loves Zaroon but he has already chosen Saltanat as his life partner. Saltanat for Kaynaat’s sake decides to sacrifice her love Zaroon and decides to get marry to other person.

Zaroon and Saltanat go to meet Zaheer and ends up getting stuck with bomb. Kaynaat and others get shocked seeing Saltanat with the bomb box. Zaroon runs to Saltanat and holds the bomb, as the timer is running. Zaroon and Saltanat take the bomb into the lift and lift stops midway.

Saltanat cries and ask Zaroon why he risked his life for her sake. Zaroon explains her that he loves her and he can’t live without her so he is ready to die with her. Otherside, Zainab prays for Zaheer and Saltanat’s marriage. Nilam ask her to stop being partial with Saltanat, as she is her daughter too. Zainab thinks Saltanat have to stay away from Zaroon.

There, Kaynaat worries and ask guard to help Zaroon as the lift is stuck. Inside Zaroon ask Saltanat to confess her love for him as there is little time left.

In the upcoming episode will witness, Zaroon will say to Saltanat that they will become headlines tomorrow. Everyone will be shocked hearing the news and cry. Meanwhile, bomb squad will manage to defuse the bomb. Bomb squad will reach the spot on time and will defuse the bomb. Traumatized Saltanat will hug Zaroon tightly. Later, Miyajaan will question Zaroon and Nadeem.

What new turn Zaroon’s and Saltanat life will take? How Kaynaat will react seeing Zaroon and Saltanat closeness, well for all the answers keep watching the soap, mon-sat on Star Bharat.

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