Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Saltanat in Kainat’s disguise to be rescued out of grave!

Star Bharat’s popular drama Sufiyana Pyar Mera is liked by audiences for the fast-paced and high voltage over the top drama doing rounds ever since the beginning of the show. Recently, Kainat has secretly disguised herself as Saltanat and harmed Saltanat to the extent where she is brain dead making everyone presume her as Kainat.
The swapping was done so smoothly by Kainat that everyone now thinks that she is the real Saltanat while the injured Saltanat is buried as Kainat. Here, the show has developed an interesting twist in the form of a person in a hoodie. The identity of the person is not yet declared in the show and this suspense has spiced up the drama to a further extent in the show. The person in the hoodie watched from afar as Saltanat in Kainat’s disguise was being buried.
Later as all the people leave the burial, the person in a hoodie will be seen coming near the burial in the upcoming episode. The person will then dig Saltanat out of the grave and take her to somewhere. Is there a possibility of Saltanat being alive or resurrecting to seek justice from Kainat?
The question is already raised and it is certain that this is not the end for Saltanat which makes the drama look more appealing. Another question is who is the person in the hoodie? Is it a new character coming in the show as a major lead one or is it someone who is already the part of the show? How is he related to this incident and how come he is doing all this and for what?
On the other hand, Zainab who is plastered in a wall will be rescued by Zaroon. Do watch the show for spicy entertainment your way. Keep this space abuzz for more spoilers as such.