Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:- Saltanat to be in dilemma

The most ironic truth of this world is that the more one keeps giving people share of their own, the more people crave for it. Whether you like or not but people always have a jumbo size expectations from you and if you fail to fulfill them then you are blamed to be selfish and mean. No, this is not a moral science class but the reality of Saltanat life in Star Bharat Sufiyana Pyaar Mera.

The show which started on a good note with a promising cast and actors now got stuck in that very old wine of love triangle in typical Indian television style. The show from the beginning talks about nothing but marriage. No one asks the girls of the house to make their career or something but each one of them wants to fix another marriage.

Currently in the story Kainaat manages to break her alliance with Hamza with a false claim of she and Hamza being Sharik dudh bhai behen. Now she is manipulating her family members to convince Zaroon to get married to her anyhow.

In the last episode we have seen how she does a drama of suicide just to make her mother go restless and do as per her whims indirectly. Now in today’s episode the viewers will get to see another side of Kainaat. Zaroon will get into a verbal argument with his parents regarding his love and marriage. Kainaat will silently eavesdrops in their convo and will hear Zaroon saying that he is tired of listening to the pleads of get married to Kainaat. He will not marry as he doesn’t love her as simple as that. This will hurt the sadistic ego of Kainaat much and she vows to make him bound to marry her.

On the other hand, Neelam will try to make Saltanat understands once again that whatever she is doing in the name of promise keeping is ethically wrong. She shall think about it in proper way and for once consider Zaroon emotions also. Now let us see what will be Saltant next step in this matter?