Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Saltanat to know the truth of her and Kainat’s relationship!

Though it is as clear as the sky that Kainat and Saltanat could only be identical twins, the sisters are unaware of the truth between them in Star Bharat’s love story drama Sufiyana Pyaar Mera. however, it looks like now is the time Saltanat gets to know the connection between the two. In our earlier report on the show, we reported that Saltanat is almost on the verge of finding out who planned to murder her on the wedding day of Kainat and Zaroon.

Soon enough she realizes it is none other than Kainat who wanted her gone from their lives so her chances of returning and claiming back Zaroon will be completely gone. This realization will make Saltanat feel sick in the stomach. She will fell very shocked and pitiful at the same time thinking of how low Kainat has gone in the quest of her desire.

On the other hand, now Kainat will pretend to commit suicide to keep the attention to her and to be saved from being exposed. Saltanat will still decide to expose everything she had done, the crimes she had commit. But right in the time, Zainab will ask her not to do so. She will then tell Saltanat about the truth of her being Kainat’s biological sister. This truth will shock Saltanat and she will be confused about what to do further. She will then decide against her idea of exposing Kainat upon Zainab’s request.

But still, the burden of all the truths will ground her and ultimately, she will tell Zaroon about everything. We are sure this twist will make the show more intriguing than it already is. Now it is to be seen what Zaroon might do after hearing everything from Saltanat. Follow us for exclusive spoilers and updates on telly town.