August 21, 2019
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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- the other side of the story!

Now that everything is falling in place in Star Bharat’s Sufiyana Pyaar Mera, it looks like there will be happy times ahead for a while. The argument between Dadi and Rubina has resolved thanks to Nilam’s efforts. Miya Jan has given consent to the relationship between Zaroon and Saltanat blessing them with pure love. Saltanat has been recovering fast from her illness. Zaroon is taking good care of her. The duo is so in love and happy with each other. Everything looks picture perfect at the moment. But will this happiness last long? Well! It might not be the case.

According to our exclusive source, the show will soon take another dramatic turn of events which will bring a chaotic situation back to fore in the show. As Saltanat and Zaroon have united heartwarmingly after a long struggle in their journey of love, they will want to see Kainat happy as well. Zaroon will plan for her and Humza’s peaceful relationship and tries to gift them something special from his side. He will set up the two for a date and let them spend some alone time together. In the date, however, Kainaat will reveal her true feelings to Humza. She will be honest and tell him that she is not in love with him. Instead, she likes Zaroon and has been wishing to get married to him instead of from the very beginning. Humza will be shocked hearing this from Kainat herself. And it’s not only Humza who will be shocked as Miyajaan will happen to overhear this conversation between them and he will get a huge shock with this truth. Humza, though, is quite aware of the situation since Saltanat has told him the same in disguise of Kainaat and now hearing it from Kainat herself will make him uneasy.

Now we will have to wait and watch what Miyajaan will do about this. Keep this space abuzz for more.

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