Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- truth and lies!

In Star Bharat’s love story Sufiyana Pyaar Mera, everyone has befallen in the web of separating truth and lies. There is quite a confusion going around everyone with first, Kaainat and Zaroon’s relationship then came Kaainat and Humza and at the last Zaroon and Saltanat came together in front of everyone. After quite a long debate, arguments and series of unfortunate events, people have finally accepted the relationship between Saltanat and Zaroon and progressed further with getting Kaainat married to Humza happily. Miya Jan is finally at peace after all the misfortune that hit the families have settled away. However, he will realize soon that he couldn’t have been any wrong. As in the latest episode, he came to know that Kaainat is not really happy with this marriage. He overheard her conversation with Humza and now he is pondering why Kaainat had to hide this fact all along. He also thinks of canceling the engagement for good.

But here comes the huge twist. In the upcoming episode when Miyajaan confronts Kaainat about what he overheard she will tell that she has decided to proceed with the marriage. She makes Saltanat’s plans fail as she answers all questions form Dada justifiably and requests to let the issues between herself and Humza among themselves as it is just a usual argument between the couple.

Ayub, on the other hand, will try and dig more truth concerning aashiq and Kaainat. He will try to gather more information on the whole family. And in the meantime, Zaroon will find Miyajaan during Iftar celebrations and tell him his forthcoming plan in action.
The show is definitely going to be entertaining with all the dramatic events and celebrations going on the auspicious festive occasion. Don’t miss out on it.
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