Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- What else will happen with Dr. Madhav’s entry in the show?

Sufiyana Pyar Mera in Star Bharat is going through lots of exciting twists and turns every day and now a new character has been introduced in the story up recently to spice up the drama further. Doctor Madhav has entered the show as a confidant and well wisher of Saltanat who has brought Saltanat from the mouth of death and is restoring her life. The spoilers for the upcoming track of the show have arrived and are looking superbly promising.
As per our sources, in the upcoming episode, Kainat will be too happy as she is living her dreamt life with Zaroon disguising herself as Saltanat. Zaroon will tell her he is going to take her out on a date. On the other side, doctor Madhav tries his best to bring Saltanat back to consciousness. Back at the house, Zaroon asks Kainat where she wants to go for their date to which she will tell anywhere is fine for her as long as she gets to go out with him.
On the way, he buys flowers which further makes Kainat feel ecstatic. However, soon enough her happiness will disappear by shock as she realizes he has taken her to the graveyard where Saltanat is buried. She asks him why has he brought her here in their date and becomes angry with him. She scolds him for bringing her to such non-auspicious location for their first date. Zaroon will tell her that they must put the flowers in the grave and pray for Kainat’s peace. Apart from this, soon enough doctor Madhav and Zaroon are going to have a clash with each other.
Also, in another of the scenes in the upcoming track, doctor Madhav will save Saltanat from the fire much to Mamoon and Kainat’s charging.
The drama is surely heating up more and getting us excited. Don’t miss on the fun and do follow us for more.