Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- will doctor Madhav be successful in reviving Saltanat?

Star Bharat’s interesting love saga Sufiyana Pyar Mera that has been successful in grabbing audiences’ attention ever since its beginning has now come to a very intriguing point in the story. Where in one hand Kainat is living her dreamt life with Zaroon possessing as Saltanat, in the other hand there is doctor Madhav who took the real Saltanat out of the grave trying to revive her. The entry of doctor Madhav has made the show more interesting. Especially, as the family witnesses Kainat again and gets shocked as to how is it possible to happen when she was buried. Zaroon is so confused about what has been happening around.

In the upcoming episode, Kainat will try to save her identity as Saltanat. She will desperately plead with the family that the Kainat they saw might be Kainat’s ghost which has come to haunt the family. Will the family be convinced of her lies once again? And now Kainat herself is aware of Saltanat being out of the grave, possibly alive, will she again get back to her conspiracies to keep her away? Concurrently, doctor Madhav tries his best to revive Saltanat. He has been able to save her from the burning fire but will he succeed in getting her back to living again? What is the mystery behind him desperately helping out Saltanat?

Will Zaroon ever find out that the one he is living with thinking she is Saltanat is actually Kainat? What actions will Kainat take now that she hints danger to her maliciously formed lies being exposed? Will the family believe what Kainat says about the ghost haunting or will they dig in further to know the reality of the situation? Several questions have arisen, and time will only tell the answers.

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