Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Will Madhav accept Rupali on Saltanat’s influence?

Things have shifted and a new storyline has developed in Star Bharat’s popular romantic thriller Sufiyana Pyar Mera for a while now. With the entry of Doctor Madhav in Saltanat’s life, a new angle to the ongoing story has opened with the show shifting its focus now on the familial life of doctor Madhav. Apparently, as Madhav helped Saltanat to get back on her feet and find the family she has lost along the way, it looks like now is the turn for her to return the favor to him. In the ongoing track of the show, Madhav’s ex-wife Rupali has made a comeback claiming her undying love for her husband and son despite the fact that she mercilessly left them behind without any care. As Madhav struggles to put a straight face and deal with this matter for the sake of his son Krish, Saltanat, on the other hand ferociously try to convince her to accept love back in his life.

The spoilers for the fresh coming episode have arrived and it is super exciting to know that all this drama cornering in Madhav’s household is surely going the rock Saltanat and Zaroon’s life once again. The coming episode will see Zaroon pondering over how Saltanat is deep down still resentful and emotional about him supposing Kainat as his wife. Saltanat will keep on persuading Madhav to accept Rupali to which Madhav will be persistent on not doing it.

Meanwhile, Sneha and Indu will together devise a deadly plan. Sneha will be seen drinking poison and fainting because of that. Is she trying to frame someone? Will she be able to keep Madhav out of Rupali’s reach?

What will Zaroon and Saltanat do to stand their ground in each other’s lives? Will Nilam be able to win Madhav against Rupali? There are lots of puzzling thoughts in everyone’s mind.

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