Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Will Madhav win against Rupali and save his son’s life?

It is a bit too exhilarating for the fans of Star Bharat’s thriller romance Sufiyana Pyar Mera as Rupali has come upfront as an extremely shameless and inhuman person in the show. It is surprising that she could fool even Saltanat up until now with her goody-good drama and emotional acts. But now her truth is out in the open and Saltanat and Zaroon too have teamed up with Madhav in order to save Krish from her malicious intentions. It is recently revealed that Rupali has been drugging Madhav’s family and by doing that she has got all the property papers and custody for Krish signed in her name.

In another surprising moment in the last episode, she reveals the real reason behind her return to find Krish. She is just going to use him to get a surgery where she can use Krish’s blood palettes to keep her beauty intact. All her act of love and guilt turns out to be fake. While she is trying to locate Krish and use him for her own benefit without thinking that the surgery can kill her child, on the other side, Madhav and the rest are still unaware of her real motive.

So, in the upcoming episode, they will try to find out what she is doing behind everyone’s back and what is the reason she has come now seeking Krish. Neelam is going to be a protective shield for Krish and hopefully, Rupali will never be able to execute her plan in action. The spoilers for the upcoming track hint for a tough battle between Madhav’s love for his child and Rupali’s utter selfishness.

It is going to be one dramatic ride till they could defeat Rupali and maybe by the end of it, Neelam and Madhav will unite for good. Keep this space abuzz for more updates and news from your favorite tv shows.