Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- will Saltanat and Zaroon come face to face?

Fans of Star Bharat’s romantic love story Sufiyana Pyar Mera are well aware of the show’s trend of continuously jumping from one intensely melodramatic sequence to another in a drop of a hat. Anyway, the show never fails to surprise audiences with its crispy storyline and swift twists and turns that add the necessary spice for making the drama look more enthralling. Doctor Madhav’s entry in the show has been another of a great entertainment source for the fans.

Not only is there the possibility of having a parallel lead alongside Zaroon who will fall in love with our leading lady Saltanat, but also with Doctor Madhav’s entry, the show took an interesting turn. He came as the knight in shining armor for Saltanat and rescued her from the grave itself. He has been taking good care of her and trying to cure her completely so that she could function back like a normal person.

However, will his try to improve Saltanat’s healing process? That is for time to tell. Now for the episode that is going to air today, an interesting event will take place in the show. As per the recently arrived spoilers from the sets of the show, there is a high possibility of Zaroon and Saltanat coming face to face. The spoilers suggest that doctor Madhav will take Saltanat into a Dargah as he thinks going to such an environment might bring back her lost memories.

On the other hand, a confused Zaroon who is stressed about all the things happening around him will also arrive in the same Dargah seeking god’s blessings and guidance. Since both of them are going to be in the same space, we can only wish for both of them to find one another. It will be enthralling to look at what is going to happen.

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