Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- will Zainab be able to rescue Saltanat?

In Star Bharat’s Sufiyana Pyaar Mera, Kainat is becoming ferocious by the day. The simple and ethical looking woman from the outside is a pure vile character from the inside. She had already carried out a vicious deed of abducting Miyajaan for her selfish ulterior motives and now she has shown how cruel she can get in her quest for her desire by trying to kill Saltanat. She has taken Sabina as her ally, devised a plan to kill Saltanat by locking her up in a trunk and letting that trunk drown into water. But will she be successful, or her plan will fall flat on her face like before? That is for time to tell. For now, as Saltanat gets deceptively locked up in the trunk by Kainat and Sabina, Zainab will sense her missing.

sZainab will then seek for her whereabouts. Upon not finding her anywhere she will panic and get suspicious that Kainat might have done something to her. She thinks of confirming about the sudden disappearance of Saltanat and goes on searching for Kainat. When she and Kainat come face to face, she is going to confront her about Saltanat’s disappearance and asks if Kainat has anything to do with it. Before she could get to do anything, Kainat will blackmail her with Saltanat’s safety. Later, she will be locked in a room by Kainat. Will she be able to escape from the locked room and aware others about Saltanat’s missing and Kainat’s involvement in it?

Will Zaroon be able to sense the danger in Saltanat’s life and rescue her in time? Or will Kainat be successful in carrying out her hideous plan? Do watch the show to know more of the story. Keep this space abuzz for more.