Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Written Update 13th July, 2019 :- Saltanat to sneak peak in Shah Manzil

The episode starts with Saltanat comes in the fight club and shouts Zaroon name. She comes inside the ring and looks at him. She shouts at the boxer and says step back, I know karate, but that guy pushes her. Zaroon gets angry, he gets up and beats him hard for pushing Saltanat. He beats him hard and he falls, the organizer comes under the ring and offers Zaroon 50 thousand money for his courage. Zaroon gives 10 thousand rupees to that guy and gives the rest of the money to Saltanat.

Here Rubina Ghazala and Zainab are preparing a cake for Saltanat birthday and they hear Sabina sound. Ghazala asks Mamoon why his phone is with her? Mamoon says it is not a big deal. Rubina confronts Sabina and she says I am not following any men, but men come behind me. Rubina took her picture and puts a filter in it.

Saltanat here does the first aid of Zaroon and scolds him for being careless. Zaroon says I did it for you and for your birthday. When Neelam enters the room. Saltanat hugs her and Neelam wished Saltanat Happy Birthday. Saltanat asks her what about others in the family? Neelam says everyone is fine, even Miyajaan is fine nowadays. Saltanat thanks god, Neelam tells her that a big surprise is waiting for her. Neelam informs the three ladies of the Shah family is making a cake for her.

Here, Rubina is about to go out from Shah Manzil with Ghazala and Zainab but dadi caught them. When they get caught Sabina also comes there and manipulates the family against these three. Kainaat also joins in and reveals the reason they are going outside. All gets shocked and Ghazala tries to divert the topic but it won’t happen. Everyone gets annoyed at them and their outing gets canceled.

Kainaat in her room is eating kheer in the happiness of spoiling Saltanat birthday. Sabina says Dadi entered like that but she actually spices up the whole matter. Sabina then talks with Kainaat and she blabbered that while being at a cafe with Saltanat she says something odd. Kainaat starts to feed her kheer one by one and says keep your mouth shut like this in front of Saltanat.

Neelam informs Saltanat that her mother will be unable to come. She informs her Sabina is responsible for the mess. Saltanat asks her to help to go to the house at night. Zaroon asks what are you two planning? Saltanat denies.

At night, Saltanat enters the house and uses her mobile torch. Neelam helps her also to enter the house and asks her to come to her room, She says she has some work in her room. Then she enters Kainaat room and searches Sabina’s handbag. She finds something and is about to leave the house when someone keeps a hand on her shoulder.

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