Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Written Update 1st July, 2019 :- Saltanat and Zaroon leaves the house

The episode starts with Saltanat is telling Miyajaan that blood relations are so strong to get broken like this. Whatever I am doing today is what my heart is asking me to do, and you only told me to do what the heart is asking for. All the relations of mine with this family is due to blood relation and this will never get broken like this. I have full faith that one day you will understand that what I am doing. I am sure someday you will support my move of today and also will accept me and Zaroon wholeheartedly. She sees every member of the family once and Dilbaro plays in the background. They remember their moments in the house and stops at the door and looks back.
Zaroon holds Saltanat hand and is about to go out when Mamoon calls Zaroon from back.He says there is still time left for you to set things right. Come with me inside and gets what you deserve and asks Saltant not to provoke him for taking wrong calls in life. Saltanat requests Mamoon not to say like this as she and Zaroon loves each other so much, Mamoon says empty pockets, hungry stomach will strike in door and then love will take a window exit. Zaroon says Love is easy to do, hard to keep. Easy to think but hard to commit. If it’s get destroyed then it takes your whole world or if it’s succeed then it can give you an empire of happiness. Zaroon says to Mamoon Saltanat is going to be my wife and I will not tolerate any word against her. They both left from there while Mamoon stands there awestruck and stunned.
Miyajaan says to Zainab, Rubina and Nadeem that he is so disappointed with the real face of his own people. He preaches people about rules and decorum but his own family members are ready to destroy the reputation of family. From today onwards Saltanat is dead for me. Rubina asks him to take back his words about her as it can affect her health but Miyajaan refuses to do so.
Here Saltanat and Zaroon are walking on streets alone silently when Zaroon remembers his mom words and plays a prank on Saltanat. She gets worried for him but he says thank god at least you speak something. Saltanat gets annoyed and starts walking fast, Zaroon tries to follow her and slips for real. Saltant turns and laughs seeing him like this. Zaroon says give me your hand, she helps him to stand up when a car splashes mud on Zaroon face. Zaroon gets up and says my pant gets torn. Saltanat ties her dupatta around his waist to cover his torn jeans area.
Kainaat in her room is sitting with Zaroon wedding sherwani and repeating the rituals of Nikah. She says Zaroon Shah do you approve your alliance with Kainaat Shah? She folds the pic of Zaroon and then again unfolds it. Here Saltanat starts to laugh seeing Zaroon in the dupatta and remembered Neelam and her jokes. Saltanat gets upset that now she is far away from her family members. She says I never stay far from my family, but leaving them and coming with you is solely my call and I am happy with you. Saltanat then says if you are alone here and your pants torn in the midway then who will save your reputation if not me? While someone is watching them from a safe distance. Here Kainaat is banging her head on the cupboard and shouts “Qubool Hai” three to four times. Kainaat madness just crosses the bar and she says I am also expert of my own game and even the almighty can’t snatch Zaroon from me. He is my husband and he came to marry me, Saltanat did a blunder by interfering in the middle and I will not spare her for this.
Here Saltanat says we are with each other, that’s why we can take care of each other as well. You don’t have to worry about anything, time will heal everything. Zaroon looks here and there when someone again hides in a corner, Saltanat asks what happened? He says nothing but pecks on her cheeks which left Saltanat stunned. Kainaat says I will never let you two stay together. Only Kainaat has right on Zaroon and banged her head on cupboard. Saltanat and Zaroon start walking when Saltanat feels dizzy and faints in Zaroon arms. Zaroon thinks that she is playing prank but she didn’t open her eyes. Here Rubina goes restless for Saltanat health.

Precap : Sabina informs Nadeem, Rubina and Zainab that Saltanat is pregnant. Kainaat slaps Sabina hearing this and says Zaroon must not have touched Saltanat yet.