Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Written Update 22nd June 2019 :- Kainaat’s plan to trap Hamza in Saltanat murder

The episode starts with Kainaat is sitting on the treasure box where she kept sultanat captive. She is smiling seeing the box answers even if now Saltant does prayers like monks or phakirs still she won’t get Zaroon for herself. Massi took her away from there and says that if saltanat listens to your words, we will land in big trouble. Kainaat smiles and says I have made all arrangements for every consequence. Massi praised her intelligence.

Zainab comes and asks Sabina thay what special did Kainaat say that you are amazed? Kainaat diverts the topic and talks about the box and says she heard that before marriage one should leave their old belongings and stuff behind to start afresh. Zainab says it was said in context of malign mind, hard feelings and bad memories. Zainab asks her to go and sleep and leaves. Kainaat comes to the box and says I have caught the most poisonous and unwanted person of my life inside the box. She locks it and says now I have to fix this box somewhere building the threat on Saltanat.

At night Saltanat is reminiscing her moments with Zaroon and smiles. Zaroon gets up from bed with a jerk and calls for Saltanat. He is about to go out but sat on the bed and song plays in the background.

In morning Neelam comes to meet Zaroon and says if you have thought before taking the call? Zaroon says don’t make me understand go and talk to your friend. Neelam informs how will she talk to her?she is missing from yesterday night. I heard she is in her friend’s house currently. Here two people are taking the box and says it’s so heavy and Saltant takes Zaroon name. The cosmic connection happened and Zaroon hears it. He goes out and looks here and there. He keeps his hand on the box and feels uneasy. Finally he asks them to go from there. Neelam comes and ask he is hearing her voice when she is not even in the house. How he is going to spend his life? Zaroon says my sufferings will be her punishment.


Kainaat and maasi are sitting in the room when Ghazala comes with shaadi ka jora. Kainaat gets over excited which Ghazala noticed. That time two person entered with Saltanat in box in Kainaat room and says all cars are busy for guest arrival, we will throw the stuffs later. Ghazala wants to check the box but Kainaat stops her and shows her earrings to wear with that bridal dress. Rubina comes in and hear ammi and she says Saltanat. All are shocked to hear her name. Kainaat tries to manage the situation and says she is in her friend’s house. Rubina asks her how did you know about it? Kainaat lied and says Saltanat told me before leaving.

Sabina taunts Saltanat as “kaala saya” and says she is happy that Saltanat is not here. Rubina gets angry and confronts her, Ghazala also joins in. Rubina asks Ghazala to relax and drag Sabina to mirror and says” this is how a black spot look! A black stain that sticks to you even after trials to rip it off. Kainaat fumes in anger when Ghazala says Saltanat did many sacrifices for this alliance.

Kainaat asks them not to argue and leave as she has to get ready. Ghazala leaves, Sabina asks Rubina are you planning to do qawali here?then go. Rubina says I will go but you should also leave by getting packed inside the Kainaat box.

Hamza comes in and asks Kainaat that why did she called him up? She says she wants to say sorry. Hamza says you have no fault in this and I value your happiness the most. Kainaat asks Hamza to throw the box in water where Saltanat is kept before her marriage.

Precap : Kainaat asks massi to throw the box in the house pool and don’t let it come upwards before the nikah gets complete.