Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Written Update 28th June, 2019 :- Zainab takes a stand for Saltanat

The Episode starts with Mamoon getting angry on Saltanat for coming and falling in Zaroon’s arms. He says Zaroon would have married Kainaat if she came a bit late, we won’t get anything from Miyajaan now.Ghazala asks don’t you care for your son? Mamoon asks do you support this act? Ghazala says the way of their union is wrong but I have seen his smile after a long time, I can do anything for his happiness. He asks her to say the same to Miyajaan now.

Zainab is going out of room to look for Kainaat when Rubina pushes Zainab and shuts the door. She scolds Zainab for tying Saltanat by the promise and making her too helpless to control her feelings for Zaroon. She says you told that favor to Saltanat and made her do this. Zainab says no, I didn’t tell her anything. I did a big mistake, I would have fallen in my eyes if this marriage happened, that’s why I bring Saltanat to stop the marriage and made her free of my swear. Rubina says Miyajaan would have got Saltanat and Zaroon married on his own if you didn’t bound her, she just did what you made her do. She says Saltanat will bear the consequences of your deeds.Remember this you will pay for this. She goes, Zainab cries.

Neelam and Hamza are very happy that Zaroon got his love. Hamza says I am happy for Zaroon as all are not lucky like him. Neelam says everyone’s love gets fulfilled, maybe someone comes for you. Dadi asks them not to be happy as Miyajaan is angry and now the marriage won’t happen, there will be a war. Zaroon and Saltanat come to Miyajaan. Everyone looks on. Mamoon scolds Zaroon and asks Ghazala to keep quiet. He says I told you that you have come here to marry Kainaat, why all this? You Saltanat, I warned you to stay away from my son, how dare you come back in his life? Miyajaan says they have forgotten their values and respect, they just know how to humiliate us, not the good values which we taught them. Saltanat apologizes to Miyajaan. She says I tried to forget Zaroon but I lost to my love. Zaroon says I love Saltanat, it would be a sin to marry Kainaat.

Miyajaan says your love has ruined our respect. Saltanat asks how can love ruin someone’s respect, you taught me that nothing is pure than love. Miyajaan says people are raising questions on us because of you. He scolds Saltanat for not caring for her sister’s life. He says you will get punished for this sin. He asks Zaroon why didn’t you told me your feelings? You can’t defame us this way. Zainab comes forward and says no, I deserve the punishment, not Saltanat. Miyajaan asks what do you mean.

Zainab says Saltanat truly loved Zaroon, I knew this, but Kainaat wanted to marry Zaroon, so I made Saltanat swear that she will never confess love to Zaroon. Infact I made her take swear on Quoran so that she can’t back off. Nadeem asks did you know this Rubina? Rubina says no. Zainab says Saltanat lied to herself and Zaroon, she lied to everyone about her love, she didn’t fall weak, she stayed firm on her promise. It’s destined that they will unite, Zaroon met Saltanat before meeting Kainaat, they fell in love, Saltanat never refused to me, she agreed for my happiness. Sabina says then that promise is still there. Dadi says yes, even then she fell in Zaroon’s arms and broke the promise. Sabina asks why acting great if she can’t keep it.

Saltanat says I didn’t break my promise. She tells that Zainab has apologized and freed her from the promise. Zainab says Saltanat knows her duty and values. Sabina asks what about Kainaat. Zainab says she is my daughter, I know her agony is momentum. I saved her from a loveless and meaningless life and marriage with Zaroon. I know the consequences of a relation where love and respect do not exists. Miyajaan says still I won’t accept this relation. Zainab says when traditions are broken behind locked doors…. She recalls her husband’s torture. She asks who comes to save them? Miyajaan says you mean to say my ethics are wrong and you are doing right, you learnt to insult family giving excuse of love. He says I won’t talk to you Zaroon, you brought bad luck to my family, you will not stay here now. Everyone is shocked. Miyajaan asks Zaroon to leave the house. He takes Zaroon out.

Precap : Miyajaan says that throne is so dear to me hence I have taken a decision that my heir will be….