Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Written Update 6th July, 2019 :- Zainab and Kainaat confront each other

The episode starts with Saltanat and Zaroon enters the room in the house. Preeti comes up and says this is your room, before pregnancy me and my husband used to stay in this room only but then time flies and it was difficult for me to use the staircase, so we shifted below. Then I keep this room for rent, Zaroon assures her that he will get a job and give them rent. Preeti says don’t think about all that and stay here freely. She goes a bit closer to Saltanat and says there is some stuff in the cupboard, you can use it. She says this room is so lucky, we got our baby from here only and Saltanat giggles. Preeti left the room and Zaroon asks her what was she saying? Saltanat denies.

Zaroon says I know you haven’t signed for this, I am sorry. Saltanat says don’t worry Mr. Zaroon. Thing is I used to like you at first but now the situation is such that nothing is lovable to me without you. If you are with me then everything seems happy and beautiful, be it a palace or be it this house.

In Shah Manzil, Sabina is walking in the corridor and smiling to think how poor is the base of Shah Manzil that it’s already seems broken with a slight touch. What will happen when this gets hit by a storm? Someone covers her face with black cloth and then uncovers it. She finds Rubina and Ghazala in front of her. Rubina says do you remember your own condition? Sabina reminded that she said she will do whatever they say if Saltanat proves to be not pregnant. She feels caught between them and starts to take one step backward.
Here Zaroon and Saltanat decide to clean the room. A song plays in the background, Sajan Ghar Aana tha….. they clean the room. Arranges the pillow on a mattress, covers it with a white net. Saltant puts a nameplate in front of their room as #Saroon and also places their family picture in the room. She arranges the kitchen. They took a bath and washed off their clothes. The song is playing in the background while they have some lovey-dovey cozy moments with each other.

Here Rubina asks Sabina that if we lose the bet will you let us go? Sabina says NO and then stumbles and say yes yes. Rubina smiles and asks Ghazala how cute she is looking na? Sabina tries to run but Ghazala stops her and asks where are you going? Rubina comes forward and says from next time before giving the challenge to a mother’s confidence think thousand times and both left. Sabina says I will teach you two a lesson when she meets Zainab on the way, she complains to her about Ghazala and Rubina.

Zainab says you only give them challenge, now pack your bags as I hope you remember what I told you? Sabina says I am not guilty here Baji. You know from childhood whenever you told me not to do or say anything, I never did that at all. I am not guilty here. Zainab says if not you then I know who the culprit here.
Zainab goes to Kainaat and confronts her about spreading the rumor of Saltanat pregnancy and slaps her hard. Kainaat shouts Ammi…. Zainab asks her to shut up and says how can you be like this. After I brought you up, believe in you, love you and gives you freedom, this is what you give back in return to me? I can’t believe I give birth to such a worthless, bad, ill-mannered girl like you. Kainaat says you must have mistaken. Zainab continues that I am wrong? a girl who can lock her mother in the room for her obsession in love, attempt to kill her sister is being misunderstood by me? Where did you learn all this? From whom you learn all this? Tell me, where did I go wrong? For which birth you are giving me punishment you ill-mannered girl and slaps her repeatedly when Kainaat holds her hand. She says every relation has a limit to cross and now you are crossing the limit.

Zainab opens her hold from her hand and says I am your mother, and you will teach me my limit. Kainaat pushes her hard and says Yes I will teach. Whoever will come in the way of my love, I will tell them all their limit. Don’t provoke me to do anything. Zainab says don’t address me as Ammi, this word seems like an insult to me from your mouth. She threatens Kainaat to handover her to police if she did any suh acts again. Then she notices the scars on Kainaat body when she is harming herself and cries in agony that she can’t be my daughter, I didn’t give birth to this hooligan and goes out of the room. She cries hard and says when I did your upbringing still why you become like your father?

Kainaat in her room again behaves normally as if nothing happened and says I am bearing all this for you Zaroon, I will make you mine but the fact is that no one will get to know. Here Saltanat and Zaroon go for sleep when Zaroon says you sleep on a mattress I will sleep on the floor, as you are not habituated. Saltanat asks did you used to sleep on the floor in Canada? Zaroon smiles and Saltanat says I understand your soul and believes you and that is why I came with you with folded eyes.

Suddenly the light goes off and Zaroon lights up a candle and keeps it on a desk, here Kainaat also lights up a calendar and writes Z on her hand with hot melted wax of it.

In the night, Saltanat sleep got disturbed by a rat and she thinks Zaroon is doing it. She asks him to mend his ways, he says I am doing nothing. Saltanat wakes up and sees a rat and shouts in fear. More than her, Zaroon gets scared and asks if the rat is gone? Saltanat laughs hard and asks are you scared of a rat? Zaroon says that is why I am hugging you tight in fear.

In the morning, Kainaat comes to Mamoon and offers him tea. She says I can help you to get the wealth but first I need my rights. Mamoon says You have always been my first choice for Zaroon. Kainaat smiles.
Precap: Mamoon comes to Saltanat and Zaroon and asks Zaroon to pack his bags and come with him alone.