Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Zaroon comes to know about Saltanat existence

Star Bharat popular show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera is running on high voltage drama. In the show, Kainaat successfully separated Saltanat and Zaroon from each other and now Saltanat who lost her memory post she fell from the terrace is now with Madhav and named as Kashish. Madhav who is under the impression of Kashish being Kainaat, someone who is responsible for his sister’s destruction wants to keep her away from her own family and punish her for her sins. However, he feels a strange pull and affection for her at times and couldn’t be able to accommodate his perception about her with her real self.

Zaroon on the other side feels so disconnected from Saltanat who is actually Kainaat in real life. He is not able to find answers to the inner uneasiness he is experiencing with Saltanat. Kainaat on the other hand, got to know about Saltanat being alive and now she is trying to harm her again just to make her path clear and secure. In the upcoming sequence of the daily, the audience will get to see some major turning points. The die-hard fans of SaRoon are waiting to see their favorite couple Saltanat and Zaroon together again. This piece of news will make them happy.

Zaroon will finally come to know about Kainaat aka Saltanat being alive in the show from the police department officials. He will be left shocked and angry as he holds Kainaat responsible for his mother’s death. However, this news will at least make him look for Saltanat. While Madhav in a way to track the activity of Saltanat aka Kashish will install a tracker in the bracelet of her so that he can be notified about her whereabouts 24*7. Well with Madhav subconsciously developing feelings for Saltanat and Zaroon being aware of her existence, where will the story will take the lives of these three people?

How will Kainaat be going to react to all these? To know all the exciting updates keep a tab on our page.