Sufiyana Pyar Mera 18 June 2019 Written Update; Mamoon gives ultimatum to Zaroon

The Episode starts with Zaroon asking Saltanat why did she said that she didn’t expect this from him, did she feel bad that he accused her out of all, is this love or… She keeps on taking a step backwards anf falls short of words. In the kitchen Zainab makes food for Kainat when she entered.

Zainab greets her and says she is coming to her room with food. Kainaat refuses to have food and says she doesn’t feel like eating anything. Zainab says that is not possible as not having food will affect your health. Kainat sees a knife and looks at Zainab.

Scene Change

Zaroon asks Saltanat did you feel bad with my words? Saltnat sits on jhula and Zaroon also sits besides her. Saltanat says you also felt bad to see me crying. Zaroon says yes, it is obvious for me to feel bac as I love you and can’t see you crying. You promised me to confess everything after Hamza and Kainat’s marriage. She says yes, but their marriage didn’t happen, what shall I am supposed to say now? He pulls her close and asks don’t you want to talk about us. She says there is a right time and place for such talks and this isn’t the right time and place. He says what we can talk later can be done today as well, we shall talk today. She pleads to Zaroon, “please leave me”. He asks her to get out of his arms lock if she can and he promises in the name of allah that he will let her go.

Scene Change

They have an eye-lock. He asks her to say that she loves him. In the kitchen , Zainab moves and gets shocked seeing Kainat attempting suicide. She shouts and stops Kainat.

Kainat cries and said that let me die and breaks down. She says I have become a stain on Miyajaan’s family reputation. Zainab gets sad to see her daughter in such state and begs her not to say such things.

Kainat says I didn’t get married to the one I love with all myself and the one I accepted as destiny, allah snatched him also from me.

Other side, Zaroon says your eyes show how much you love me Saltanat. Saltanat says eyes always reflects the state of heart but it’s us who have to decide what is right and wrong. Kainat asks why shall I live? Sabina comes there and asks what’s happening.

Zainab says take care of her, I will just come. She promises to fulfill Kainat’s every wish, she will get the one she loves. Sabina smiles. Zainab goes.Sabina and Kainat stands up and Kainaat eats the food kept on the kitchen platform and stay calm after their drama. Zainab comes to Miyajaan and cries.

Other side, Zaroon asks why do you get scared to confess your love to me, I am getting restless to hear your confession, please tell it once before the marriage. Saltanat asks marriage? He says yes, Nikaah, I am sure that we will get married in life, Lord has tied us together, none can separate us. Sufiyana song plays in BG… Saltanat says Zaroon I …. I also….. Miyajaan calls out Zaroon.

Zaroon leaves Saltanat and goes to Miyajaan. Miyajaan removes his cap and begs to Zaroon. He asks Zaroon to marry Kainat. Zaroon and Saltanat get shocked. Sabina comes to Mamoon and says if Zaroon accepts Kainat and brings Miyajaan out of this mess then none will be important for Miyajaan than you all. He will be pleasing you and give his throne to Zaroon happily. Mamoon and Ghazala look on. Kainat sees Zaroon and smiles. She says my Zaroon….

Zaroon says what are you doing, you are embarrassing me. Miyajaan says accept this alliance, I will wear this cap when you marry Kainaat. Zaroon sees Saltanat and signs no. Saltanat goes from there. Zaroon leaves Miyajaan’s hands. Mamoon comes and holds Miyajaan’s hands. He makes Miyajaan wear the cap. He says Zaroon will marry Kainat for sure. Kainat smiles. Zaroon gets shocked. Miyajaan says I want to hear this from Zaroon. Zaroon sees Mamoon.

Zaroon goes with Mamoon. He says I told you, I love Saltanat and can’t marry Kainat. Mamoon says this is not just a marriage. Zaroon says its about my life. Mamoon says its about my heirship. He shouts on Zaroon and says I am dreaming to get this legacy for your better future, Kainat loves you. Zaroon says but I love Saltanat. Zainab looks on. Zaroon says sorry, I respect Miyajaan but I won’t agree with him, I won’t leave Saltanat unless she says NO in front of all.

Precap : Mamoon gives ultimatum to Zaroon.