Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Kainat’s typical vamp avatar; will Saltanat start trusting her again?

The exclusive spoilers for Star Bharat’s much loved romance drama Sufiyana Pyaar Mera have just arrived fresh from the sets of the show. The spoilers are hinting a extravagant week ahead in the show as several things change in the character arcs of the major leads and some will be surprising for fans to witness. It is confirmed that there will be a dramatic event with a chandelier falling off the ceiling in the midst of Saltanat and Zaroon’s sangeet celebration ceremony.

This event is going to be a typical scene where Kainat will pretend to be a sacrificial and selfless woman by saving Saltanat and hurting herself in the process. In reality, the chandelier falling itself is a plan set out by Kainat. Now that she is planning to carry out her conspiracies differently, she is going to win Saltanat and other’s trust first so she could backstab later.

As the initial step of her plan, she will first set up for the chandelier to fall off in the middle of the ceremony keeping Saltanat at the receiving end. But right at the moment when it finally falls off, Kainat will make her heroic entry and push Saltanat out of the way and in place of Saltanat gets injured herself.

Everyone will admire her for her bravery and thank her for her selfless act. Amidst appreciation from all ends, Zaroon will not find it believable by any means though. He will feel there is something with the whole thing and he will decide not to place his trust in Kainat this easily. He will get Saltanat in a secluded place and discuss it with her. He will tell her not to believe Kainat this soon. Keep watching this space for more news and updates.