Sufiyana Pyaar Mera- Will Kainat and Zaroon get married while Saltanat drowns with the trunk?

After lots of dramas, cunning conspiracies and shedding tons of tears Kainat is finally getting her desired wedding set up even though it is extremely forced upon on Zaroon in Star Bharat’s Sufiyana Pyaar Mera. The spoilers have arrived at us exclusively from the show which will leave you to feel thrilled for what might happen in the show further. It is reported that the show is going to have a huge twist soon in the tale which will turn the story around.

As the wedding progresses, Miyajaan will search for whereabouts of Zainab at the wedding venue. Kainat, who has locked her up into a room, will be concerned and try to dodge Miyajaan’s attention from the issue. She will quickly make some excuse and proceed with the wedding. She wants the wedding rituals to be done as soon as possible so that she could be in peace with no matter what happens after it.

On the other side Zainab will finally be able to escape from the room she is locked in. She will come out of the room and sensing that Saltanat is in some serious danger will go for seeking her here and there. As Zainab wanders around frantically searching for where Saltanat could be she will spot a trunk near the fountain. Seeing a trunk like that near the fountain will leave her mystified. Will she be able to know in time that the trunk is where Saltanat is locked and left to die by Kainat and Sabina? Will she rescue Saltanat and be able to stop the wedding at the right time? Will this incident expose the true colors of Kainat in front of everyone? Tune in to the show for more thrill.

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